The Best Gift Ever

The gifts that touch us most involve sacrifice by the giver or meet a deep need.

At Christmastime, we fixate on finding perfect gifts for our loved ones. We say this tradition arises from the joy of the season and our love for others, or that it reflects the Gift the Father gave us on the first Christmas morning, the gift of Baby Jesus in the manger.

As the best gift ever, it involved sacrifice—more sacrifice than we can imagine.
• Jesus gave up His heavenly home to live on earth with all its mud and bugs and darkness.
• He took on human form, complete with fatigue, hunger, and disgusting bodily functions.
• He came as a baby, dependent on a teenage girl for every need.
• He didn’t come as royalty but as an uneducated working-class man from the backwaters.
• He associated with humans—petty, annoying, mocking, clueless, violent, and prideful.
• He who had never sinned took on the full burden of all sin of all humanity for all time.
• On the cross, He experienced the wrenching pain of separation from the Father.
• He sacrificed His life.

And as the best gift ever, it met our deepest need of all—our need for a Savior. Through His death, our sins can be wiped away forever and we can enjoy a relationship with God and life—true, fulfilling, purposeful, eternal life!

Hebrews 10:10 tells us, “We have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

To receive this gift we don’t have to go through endless rituals or do a certain number of good deeds or get rid of our bad traits beforehand. All we have to do is reach out and accept the gift.

May you have a blessed Christmas!

2 Responses to “The Best Gift Ever”

  1. Laura Frantz

    Wonderful post, Sarah! I’ve been thinking of what a remarkable story His is. The best gift of all like you said. Free, priceless, full of love. Nothing else like it. Hope your Christmas is full of the blessings only He can give!

  2. Sarah Sundin

    Thanks, Laura! Too bad we can’t put love in a stocking – it would sure cut down my shopping list 🙂