The Pain of Remodeling

It all started when I wanted my own office space. With our oldest son leaving for college, we decided to move the double bed from the den into his room to serve as the guest bed when he’s away, and convert the open spot into my writing space.
But you know how it goes. Hmm, the walls haven’t been painted since we moved in eleven years ago. White walls are soooo last decade. Our soon-to-be college boy couldn’t find a job, so we hired him to paint the interior of the house.
Remodeling is a pain. To paint the wall, you have to move the bookcase. To move the bookcase, you have to pull off all the books. We have lots of books. You move the bookcase and find dust and…other things. Especially in the kids’ rooms. You pore over your belongings and pitch and rearrange and find items you’d forgotten about. Especially in the kids’ rooms.
But oh, the results are worth it! A warm spread of light brown, a bright splash of yellow, a whimsical wash of aqua. Everything clean and fresh and newly organized, ready to be used.
This Sunday, one of our pastors spoke about the pain of being a Christian. Not the pain of persecution or the pain others inflict on us, but the pain of God remodeling our souls into Christ’s image. God unpiles all the junk from our shelves, pulls shelves from the walls, and exposes dirt and…other things. He encourages us to pore over our souls and pitch and rearrange and find new parts of ourselves. The whole process exhausts you. It takes time. It hurts.
But oh, the results! God splashes our souls with His colors and leaves us clean and fresh and newly rearranged, ready to be used for His service.
So let the remodeling occur. Don’t stand in His way. Some pain really is worth it.
Have you experienced the pain of remodeling in your life?

3 Responses to “The Pain of Remodeling”

  1. Lois Hudson

    Great post, Sarah. Thanks for seeing beyond the fading paint, the displaced stacks, the dust bunnies and the memories. I’ve been going through some of the same physical rearranging in preparation for a move, and realize it’s also spiritual rearranging.
    ’tis a new day! Bring it on!

  2. Carma Dutra

    Sarah I like your analogy. Pain is part of our world and to get through it we need the Master Carpenter.

    Right now I am in pain rearranging my office and have been putting it off much like I put off obeying God at times. Life is just easier when we include Jesus.

  3. Sarah Sundin

    Thanks, ladies! My opinion is when life gives you something annoying, write a devotion!

    And what great insights you two came up with too!