Today in World War II History—July 4, 1941

US poster, WWII

US poster, WWII

80 Years Ago—July 4, 1941: British Communist Party decides to support war effort, now that Germany has invaded the Soviet Union.

Communist Yugoslavian leader Tito (Joseph Broz) calls for Yugoslavians to revolt against Nazi rule.

3 Responses to “Today in World War II History—July 4, 1941”

  1. Yeoman

    Communist parties everywhere generally opposed the war. . .right up until the Soviet Union was invaded, when they switched their position virtually overnight.

    Interesting to think this was the last peacetime July 4th in the US up until 1946.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Yep. And that marked the start of the first real resistance groups in Nazi-occupied Europe too – for the same reason. Moscow had encouraged the communist groups to cooperate with the German occupiers. Barbarossa changed everything.