Today in World War II History—March 11, 1940 & 1945

British poster, WWII

British poster, WWII

80 Years Ago—March 11, 1940: Off Wilhelmshaven, British Blenheim bombers sink German U-boat U-31, which will be refloated only to be sunk again, the only U-boat to be sunk twice in WWII.

Britain begins meat rationing—each person to receive 1 shilling, 10 pence worth per week (about one pound); chicken, game, sausage, and meat pies are not rationed.

75 Years Ago—Mar. 11, 1945: Seventy German POWs escape from a camp at Bridgend, Wales—all will be recaptured by March 17.

US Navy begins using LCVP landing craft to ferry US Army troops across the Rhine at Remagen, Germany.

Emperor Bao Dai of Nguyen Dynasty declares Vietnamese independence from France, with Japanese support.