Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman by Allison K. Flexer – Mother/Daughter Perspectives!

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Allison K. Flexer

Allison K. Flexer

When Allison Flexer asked if I would be interested in reviewing her new book, Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman, I started to decline. After all, I just celebrated twenty-five years of marriage. However, I have an almost-nineteen-year-old daughter, Anna. What if we shared our perspectives, as mother and daughter?

Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman by Allison K. Flexer addresses ten lies single women often believe. These lies can sap the joy from our lives (“Because no one has chosen me, I’m not valuable”), lead us to make bad choices (“It’s too late for me, so I should settle”), and interfere with our relationship with the Lord (“God has forgotten me”). Allison shares her own stories and the stories of others (even men!), and most importantly points to biblical truth.

Allison’s style is relatable and compassionate, open and understandable. The book reads well, has quick bullet-point lists for review, and includes journal pages for personal reflection.

Anna Sundin, age nineteen-next-week!

Anna Sundin, age nineteen-next-week!

Anna’s View…

In our modern world, it is easy to get caught up in the myths of our culture. Unfortunately, many of these myths do not shine a favorable light on women. As a woman, culture is constantly bombarding me with thoughts that I have to have a boyfriend to be beautiful, to be valuable, to be loved. Allison Flexer does an amazing job at dispelling these myths, by reminding us who we live for; we live for God, not the world.

Flexer’s book is a great read for all women, not just the single woman. The book outlines and emphasizes the importance of identifying yourself as a follower of God, not as a follower of the deceits of the world. As a follower of God we find the beauty, value and love we all crave. In order for a relationship to be successful, you must know who you find identity in. When we find our identity in God and only then, will we find what we are looking for.

Sarah Sundin, age old-enough-to-be-Anna's-mom

Sarah Sundin, age old-enough-to-be-Anna’s-mom

Sarah’s View…

I wish I’d had this book when I was Anna’s age! So many of us women look for men to complete who we are. When we’re single, we’re unhappy, feeling unloved and unworthy. We often make poor choices out of desperation, leading us to bad—even abusive—relationships.

Then once we’re married, we demand that our husbands meet our every need for love and worth and validation. Our poor men. We give them burdens only the Lord can carry.

I agree with Anna that this book—although it’s tailored for the single woman—has truths applicable to any age or marital status. When we see our worth in God’s eyes, then we are free to find joy in either singleness or marriage. When we accept our completion in Christ, we have confidence in living the lives He’s given us. And when we realize He meets all our needs for love, we are free to truly love the people He places in our lives.

I also recommend this book to married women to better understand the needs and concerns of our single friends. Overall—don’t miss this book!Flexer graphic

7 Responses to “Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman by Allison K. Flexer – Mother/Daughter Perspectives!”

  1. Raechel

    These are great reviews! And I love that you both did it. 🙂 Sounds like a good book – I might have to check it out!
    Also, Happy (early) birthday to Anna! I myself turn 19 in about two weeks. 🙂

  2. Allison K. Flexer

    Sarah and Anna,
    Thank you so much for these reviews. You both got exactly what I was trying to convey through my book, and that encourages me greatly! One of the reasons I wrote the book is because I remember being Anna’s age and feeling that huge pressure to find a guy and keep up with my friends in the area of dating. I started looking for validation from the guys I dated instead of seeking my value in Christ. I’m so thankful you both picked up on the identity truths I included in the book.
    Thanks for being part of the blog tour!!

    • Sarah Sundin

      Allison – you have a serious fan in Anna (and me too!) She and I stayed up quite late last night chatting about these issues.

      • Allison K. Flexer

        Well, that works out well since I’m such a huge fan of you and your books! Now I won’t feel like stalker…heehee 🙂 My husband always knows when I’m reading one of your novels because I’m so absorbed. Seriously, I’m so glad the book brought up conversation between you and Anna. That warms my heart!