Unsung Heroes of World War II

The heroes of World War II have gained accolades for storming beaches and shooting down planes and sinking ships, for performing acts of great valor in intense danger.

But what about the unsung heroes, those men and women who quietly performed their jobs, still making sacrifices and facing danger, but without accolades?

This month I wrote an article, “Unsung Heroes,” for The Book Club Network’s Book Fun Magazine. I hope you enjoy it.

Pictured is my personal favorite unsung hero, my grandfather, Frederick Stewart, who served as a pharmacist’s mate in the US Navy in the Pacific. I’m thankful for the service of millions of heroes like him.

4 Responses to “Unsung Heroes of World War II”

  1. Noelle the dreamer

    Pharmacy seems to be the attraction in your family Sarah! Will certainly read the article!
    Happy New Year and looking forward to your latest book!
    P.S. 2012 ended with your letter in the post…Thank you so much!! A word of appreciation is soon to leave the island for Antioch on Thursday!
    God bless,

  2. Noelle the dreamer

    Sarah, I love that article! Heartfelt Thank you for sharing! There are countless of servicemen/women who TODAY are doing just that and rarely are they remembered! Without them, their mates would not be able to go on!
    For John, Richard, Tania, Mike, Gunny, Aaron, Limek and all the others, thank you for thinking of unsung heroes!

  3. Sarah Sundin

    Noelle – I always thought it was amusing that he was rated as a “pharmacist’s mate.” Actually that’s the US Navy’s historical term for a medic and had no relation to pharmacy at all.