World War II Army Hospitals

During World War II, medical care was required as never before. Medics administered first aid on muddy battlegrounds, surgeons operated in tent hospitals near the front under bombardment, and stateside hospitals provided modern care in sterile environments.

All three books of my Wings of Glory series required medical scenes, especially A Memory Between Us, since the heroine is a US Army nurse. Last week I was a guest blogger on Jordyn’s Medical Edge, a blog which provides medical facts for fiction writers, with a three-part series on US Army hospitals in World War II.

The first post outlined the chain of evacuation, which moved the wounded soldier from the battleground to aid stations to field hospitals to general hospitals – and to stateside if needed. http://www.jordynredwood.com/2010/12/sarah-sundin-wwii-us-army-hospitals.html

The second post described mobile and fixed hospitals in more detail. http://www.jordynredwood.com/2010/12/sarah-sundin-wwii-us-army-hospitals_15.html

The third post covered evacuation of the sick and wounded: litters, ambulances, hospital ships and trains, and air evacuation. http://www.jordynredwood.com/2010/12/sarah-sundin-wwii-us-army-hospitals_17.html

As noncombatants, medical personnel were unarmed – but still in grave danger from enemy fire plus exposure to illness. They deserve our gratitude and our remembrance.

2 Responses to “World War II Army Hospitals”

  1. Jan Cline

    I will check out these posts – looks like great info for my novel. I am always surprised at the lack of information about the Army nurses that stayed home and served in Army Hospitals in the U.S. Most of the info I find is for overseas nurses. Do you find that to be true?

  2. Sarah Sundin

    Jan – absolutely! And very little on nursing abroad for that matter, especially compared to the incredibly detailed material you can find on combat units. Researching hospitals and nursing for A Memory Between Us was rather complicated.