World War II Army Nursing

During World War II, nurses were needed as never before, and tens of thousands of young women stepped forward to serve their country. They served in stateside hospitals, frigid Alaska, Pacific jungles, muddy North Africa, malaria-infested Sicily and Italy, and on the beaches of Normandy. They cared for the wounded and soothed the dying.

This past week, I’ve been a guest blogger on Redwood’s Medical Edge, a blog about medical facts for fiction writers, with a three-part series on Army nursing in WWII.

The first post presented an introduction to nursing in World War II, and discussed the requirements to serve in the Army Nurse Corps. http://www.jordynredwood.com/2010/11/sarah-sundin-wwii-nursing.html
The second post covered Army Nurse Corps recruitment and training, and discussed the military rank held by nurses. http://www.jordynredwood.com/2010/11/sarah-sundin-wwii-nursing_26.html
The third post described the uniforms worn by Army nurses and nursing practices of the time period. I also included a list of my favorite resources for research. http://www.jordynredwood.com/2010/11/sarah-sundin-ww-ii-nursing.html
These women served our country without great accolades, but they deserve our gratitude and respect, and we should work hard to preserve their memory.