B-17 Flight Video Coming Soon…


View of Mount Diablo from the nose compartment of B-17G Aluminum Overcast

I know, I know. I promised to have the video of my B-17 flight posted today. Due to technical difficulties – the difficulty being that I’m not technical – it won’t be up today. But soon. Very soon.


Me standing under the chin turret.
B-17G Aluminum Overcast, owned by the Experimental Aircraft Association

Here are some photos of the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber I had the privilege of riding in.

To see if Aluminum Overcast will be visiting an airfield near you, check out the Experimental Aircraft Association’s website at http://www.b17.org/.

6 Responses to “B-17 Flight Video Coming Soon…”

  1. Ginnie

    This is awesome. When I got to see this last summer, it was the best way to possibly bring your books to life. Wish I got to fly in it.

  2. Sarah Sundin

    Ginnie – isn’t it cool to walk through? I was just thrilled that they let you do that at all. Those walk-throughs really helped me write the trilogy. I do wish I could have taken a flight earlier, but I’m thankful I didn’t pick up on anything on my flight that contradicted what I’d written, and only one detail (the strange sound of the brakes) that I wish I’d been able to include.