Be Our Valentine Giveaway

Be Our Valentine Giveaway, February 8-14, 2021

Sweet treat for Valentine’s Day! I’m teaming up with some of my favorite authors to give away FIVE historical novels that will carry you away to other times and places! We’re giving away…

The Orchard House by Heidi Chiavaroli

The Curator’s Daughter by Melanie Dobson

Night Bird Calling by Cathy Gohlke

No Journey Too Far by Carrie Turansky

When Twilight Breaks by Sarah Sundin

Giveaway runs February 8-14, 2021. Winner will be chosen February 15 and notified by email.

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45 Responses to “Be Our Valentine Giveaway”

  1. Margaret viss

    I like World War I and II time periods

  2. Julie Waldron

    My favorite time setting is the WWII era.

  3. Betti

    WWII and earlier. I really enjoy the Civil War era as well.

  4. Beth Smith

    I like World War II and Civil War era novels.

  5. Cathy

    That is a difficult question! I particularly enjoy the mid to late 1800’s and the WWII era.

  6. Erin Krueger

    I love WWI and WWII set novels. Also the 1920s too.

  7. Erin Krueger

    Not sure if my comment went through, but I love WWI and WWII set novels. Also novels set in the 1920s too!

  8. Wendy

    Favorite is Biblical time period, but I enjoy 1700-1900 America as well.

  9. Katie Bequette

    I’m a huge WWII history fan and love books based in WWII.

  10. Rhonda Giesbrecht

    WWII is my favourite. Second-best would be regency.

  11. Anna B.

    My favorite time period to read is WWWII, but I’m also a fan of westerns, and Roseanna M. White has turned my on to WWI.

  12. Marsha H

    I’m currently enjoying WWII novels (and nonfiction too!), but I also love late-1800s westerns.

  13. Shelley Beachy

    WWI and WWII are my favorite time periods, but I love all historical fiction.

  14. Virginia P

    My favorite time period for a novel is World War II.

  15. Roxanne C.

    The 19th century is my favorite time period for a novel.

  16. Rachael Merrott

    I love the 1700’s and 1800’s…but any historical Vietnam and earlier has been enjoyed by me.

  17. Dawn Psik

    I love historical fiction novels. Such great stories and the covers are always so pretty!

  18. Kathy Johnson

    My favorite time period is the late 1800’s, and I love Western settings. But I have enjoyed other time periods and settings, such as England, in earlier times.

  19. Pam K

    I enjoy reading about a wide variety of time periods, from the 1700’s to contemporary. If I had to pick a favorite, it might be late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

  20. Monica W

    My favorite is historical, especially the late 1800s. I also enjoy a good Regency.

  21. Karen Rhoades

    I enjoy WW2 the most, but I like to read about other eras as well. There’s always something new and exciting to be learned.

  22. Nikki Abee

    I enjoy reading Civil War Era Novels as well as novels set in the 1700’s.

  23. Yvie

    Pretty much anything from modern history — post Civil War era. 🙂

  24. Pam Graber

    I love stories set in both WWII time and in medieval time period. I especially like stories set in the Scottish Highlands.

  25. Laura C

    My favorite is WWII but I really like all historical fiction and am trying to branch out more.

  26. Susan Willems

    My all time favorite is the WWII Era!

  27. Linda Gawthrop

    I appreciate the recent interest in the WWII era – lots of compelling material there. I also enjoy reading about the Civil War era in the US. I have recently started binging on the Outlander and fin that conflict between the Highlanders and the English riveting.

  28. Paty Hinojosa Gómez

    Definitely WWII is my favorite era. And I’m not biased… 🙂

  29. Janis Wakeley

    Especially the medieval time period and stories set in the Scottish Highlands.

  30. Tracy Wirick

    I’d say the 1800s and 1900s, World War II.

  31. Elizabeth Schachterle

    Too many favorites! Colonial or 19th century America, and of course WWII.

  32. Eileen Byron

    I most enjoy reading historical fiction set in the 1800’s.

  33. Judi Jennings

    I especially enjoy WWII era fiction, also 1600-1700’s era historical fiction

  34. Martha

    I enjoy reading books set in the 1900’s- WW 1, WW 2, in between and afterwards featuring locations in both the United States and Europe. I also enjoy books set in the later half of the 1800’s in the US.

  35. Linda McFarland

    I enjoy the 1800’s and the Civil War periods.

  36. Rhonda Whitcomb

    I’ve really been enjoying the WWI and II periods.

  37. Mary Kay Moody

    So hard to select one! Seems if the author is skilled and makes the era come alive, I’m there. WW II, Edwardian, and American Colonial & Civil War appear a lot in my fave books read — and written. 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity. These books are calling me!

  38. Brenda W

    I like fiction set in USA or UK in 1700-1900 time period.