Birthday Giveaway – plus International Giveaway!

Birthday Giveaway 2014I’m celebrating! My birthday is tomorrow – and my novel Blue Skies Tomorrow is now available in German! To celebrate, I’m giving away books! Lots of books!

First, I’m giving away my most recent novel, In Perfect Time, the third book in the Wings of the Nightingale series.

Do you speak Dutch, Portuguese, or German? Do you know someone who does? Or someone who is learning?

I’m giving away one copy each of the following books:

In Dutch:

A Distant Melody (Een Verre Melodie)

A Memory Between Us (Op Zilveren Vleugels)

In Portuguese:

A Distant Melody (Nas Asas do Amor)

A Memory Between Us (Nas Asas da Memoria)

Blue Skies Tomorrow (Nas Asas do Amanha)

In German:

A Distant Melody (Der Klang Deiner Gedanken)

A Memory Between Us (Der Duft der Freiheit)

Blue Skies Tomorrow (Das Strahlen des Himmels)

This giveaway is open to my international friends – except where prohibited by law. To enter, please leave a comment, listing which book(s) you’d like to win. Also tell me your favorite birthday!

Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 11 at 11pm PST, and I’ll announce the winner here on my blog on Thursday, November 13.

55 Responses to “Birthday Giveaway – plus International Giveaway!”

  1. Raechel

    First: Happy Birthday!! And how exciting that your books are being translated in so many ways!!

    I would looove to be entered to win “In Perfect Time” as well as “A Distant Melody” in German for a friend in Germany, who I would enjoy this book!

    Favourite birthday…hmmm…Hard to choose. This most recent birthday of mine was fantastic as I was given another sweet indoor kitten from my parents. 🙂
    Thank you!

  2. Connie Brown

    Happy Birthday!! It’s fantastic that your books are now available in other languages. It makes things so much better when you can get other people interested in what things were like then.

    I would love to have In Perfect Time. It takes us a little while to get books for our library and I’ve been waiting for this one.

    I don’t really remember which birthday was my favorite but since it is so close to Christmas I was happy my mom made a big deal about it separately. I felt like I wasn’t all lumped together with Christmas.

  3. Bethany Baldwin

    Sadly, I do not speak any of these languages, but I would love to win “In Perfect Time.” 🙂
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Donna Blue

    I really enjoy your books, I was just a little girl during the Second World War but I remember a lot about it. Your books tell us a side we seldom heard about. Keep up the good work..

  5. Caryl Kane

    Birthday Blessings Sarah! No I don’t speak these other languages. It’s still an awesome giveaway. 🙂 I would LOVE to read/win “In Perfect Time”.


  6. Haley Powell

    Well, I don’t speak any of those languages, but I would like to win “In Perfect Time”. My favorite birthday was my sweet sixteen, my parents and cousin surprised me with meeting someone who I’d admired for a long time. Happy Birthday!

  7. Ramona Okkema

    Van Harte Gefeliciteerd! Dutch birthday greetings from Michigan, USA. Here’s to one of many more birthdays to come celebrating with family and friends. A Distant Melody in nederlands sounds like a good challenge for me to keep up my Dutch.

  8. Kelsey Yost

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow (well, today too, but birthdays should always be extra wonderful).
    I’m still trying to win a copy of In Perfect Time! The plight of a broke college student is being unable to buy all the books I wish to read. Thanks for this opportunity!
    My favorite birthday would have to be my 20th birthday (my most recent). Spent the day with my family and friends, completely casual and perfect, I even had extra whipped cream on my pancakes!

  9. Naomi Musch

    Happy birthday, Sarah! I hope it’s the BEST! Since my birthday is two days after yours, I’d LOVE to win a copy of In Perfect Time (in English). Many, joyful blessings!

  10. Robin E. Mason

    While I might be able to make it thru one in Portuguese because of my Spanish, and I want to learn German, I think for pleasure and reviewing purposes, I’ll do best to stick to English! tee hee hee
    please, ma’am, I’d like a copy of In Perfect Time!

  11. tara

    I’d love to win In Perfect Time! (I’d love any of the others but couldn’t read them, so…….)
    My favorite birthday? I don’t have a specific favorite birthday, but one of my favorite things ABOUT my birthday is homemade ice cream in the flavor of my choice (always peppermint!), specially made for me by my dad. 🙂

  12. Chris

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a really wonderful day and a terrific year! I am thrilled that your books are in so many languages! Super exciting that people all over the world get to read what the Lord led you to write! I would love to win a copy of In Perfect Time in English! ; ) Blessings galore! I do not speak German or Dutch but I attend a Christian Reformed church and there are lots of Dutch speakers there! : ) Lots of Vander . . .’s too! Love them all. I am Swedish and learned to sing Children of the Heavenly Father in Swedish at age 3! Such fun. Thank you for the chance to win!

  13. Katelyn B.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fabulous one. It is so exciting that your books are in different languages! Now more people can read your beautiful stories. I do not speak any foreign language or know someone who does that I could give a book to, but it would make my day to win In Perfect Time.
    Wishing you a “perfect time” for your birthday. Haha.

  14. Raquel

    First…. Happy Birthday!!
    I’m Portuguese, I already A Distant Melody (Nas Asas do Amor), gift from my boyfriend so I would like to have A Memory Between Us (Nas Asas da Memoria) or Blue Skies Tomorrow (Nas Asas do Amanha). Thank you for the chance to win! ^_^

    Have an amazing Birthday!!! <3

  15. Mary Thrasher

    Love your books, read the series A Distant Melody.

  16. Crissy Shamion

    Happy Birthday!
    I speak german and some dutch! Would love to win A Distant Melody ! Thank you for this chance!

  17. Elizabeth Wantland

    I would love to win “In Perfect Time”. I own the other two books in this trilogy and absolutely love them!
    My favorite birthday would probably go back to when I was 10 years old. My family has never been well-off by any means but that year my parents surprised me with my choice of riding lessons for a year (as I was a horse fanatic), art lessons, or a puppy of my choice. I decided on the puppy and we went to pick out the sweetest Border Collie pup you’ll ever meet a few weeks later. To this day, that dog has been the best dog I ever owned.

  18. Janet B.

    Sarah, I enjoy reading your books & would truly love to win a copy of your book. Thank you!

  19. Jennifer Essad

    happy Happy Birthday Sarah, hope you enjoy a wonderful time all weekend long. Thank you for offering your fans this chance for awesome gifts

  20. Penny Childers

    Would love to give a copy to my German neighbor. She is in her late 80’s or early 90,s. I know she would love a book in her language to re live another time in her life. Her husband was an American GI.

    Happy Birthday Sarah.

  21. Penny Childers

    And any will do, but how about A Distant Melody!

  22. Deanna Stevens

    No I don’t know any other languages but I thank you for giving on your birthday 🙂
    May you have a very Happy Birthday ! !

  23. Gail Hollingsworth

    Would love to win In Perfect Time. Don’t know anyone personally that speaks German although we have those living here from Germany working at Mercedes. My favorite birthday is the next one I have. Each one is important after having had cancer!

  24. Rhonda Gayle Nash-Hall

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! I would love to win In Perfect Time. I studied German and Latin but don’t speak them. Don’t really have a fav birthday.

  25. anne

    Happy Birthday! In Perfect Time would be wonderful. My birthday next month will be a great one. yes, after breast cancer each celebration is wonderful.

  26. Marina Piazza

    Happy Birthday Sarah:))) hope your Birthday is filled with special memories.
    This is so generous of you to give away books for your Birthday. I would like a chance to win “Der Duft der Freiheit” so I can refresh my German;)

  27. Carolina Diogo

    Hello! First of all I want to say that in my coutry it is said that wishing happy birthday before the actual day brings bad luck. Well, I want the exact opposite.
    I want all the books ( except the ones in portuguese, because I have all of them…). Just kidding. As an addicted reader and writer, I choose “A Distante Melody” in German. Why? I have been learning german for seven years and my biggest dream is to work in germany and live among that wonderful language and culture.
    My best birthday? When I turned four, because in that time my family was united and I had no problems to deal with. Four? Its my favoirite number 🙂 It sounds magical to me that I remember my fourth birthday as if it was today. Oh…nostalgia is killing me. I hope that next year I can say that my eightneenth birthday was the best because I spent it reading “A Distant Melody” in German and I understood it all.

    From Portugal,

    Carolina Diogo

  28. Pam K.

    Happy birthday, Sarah! It’s pretty exciting that your books are in several languages. I would love to win In Perfect Time so I can complete that series. Last year my birthday was special because both of my kids were home to celebrate with me. That is becoming pretty rare as they get older. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Thanks for sharing these books.

  29. Irene W.

    Happy birthday, Sarah! May you have the best 🙂 I love reading your books- I’m super excited they’re in German now! I have been studying German for close to two years, and I would love to win a copy of ”Der Klang Deiner Gedanken” ! Also, I would be beyond glad to win ”In Perfect Time”. My favorite birthday had to be the time my family sneaked up behind me – after making me think they forgot what day it was- and then burst into a loud chorus of ”Happy birthday”. Love that memory!

  30. Melanie

    Happy Birthday! I would love to win a copy of either of the books in Dutch. 😉

  31. Jana

    I’m a huge fan of all your books Sarah! My ex mother-in-law came to America when she was 20 and is German. It just so happens that today is her birthday. I’d love to win a copy of A Distant Melody in German to give her for Christmas. She still does read most everything she can get her hands on in her native language. That was the book that made me fall in love with your writing. I think it would have the same effect on her!
    My favorite BD was my 50th. My best friend gave me a wonderful party when I went home to see my family that year.

  32. Pearl Marie Celli

    How fun we share the same date for a birthday? 🙂 Love that I stumbled upon your books on day… A big fan ever since! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and many, many more<3

  33. Angelina Violante

    First of all Happy Birthday!!!!

    I would like to win all the three books in portuguese; A Distant Melody (Nas Asas do Amor), A Memory Between Us (Nas Asas da Memoria), Blue Skies Tomorrow (Nas Asas do Amanha), because i don´t have any of them, but i´ve read the sinopses and like it.

    My favorite birthday, was 6 years ago, when i was expecting my boy, i was hopping i was born on my birthday, but i only decide to born two days after.

  34. Elisabete C.F. Martins

    Happy Birthday Sarah.
    I would love to win a copy of:
    In Portuguese:
    A Distant Melody (Nas Asas do Amor)
    A Memory Between Us (Nas Asas da Memoria)
    Blue Skies Tomorrow (Nas Asas do Amanha)

  35. Regina Keppler

    Dear Sarah, thank you for being so generous!!!
    I’d love to win “in perfect time” for myself ( I started reading your books in English) and ” Der Klang deine Gedanken”/”Der Duft der Freiheit”/””Das Strahlen des Himmels” for a dear friend of mine.
    Happy Birthday from Germany, may Gott bless you!!

  36. Sue Galucki

    Sarah, wishing you a beautiful and blessed birthday.
    You have given me such a gift with your novels; it is always time well spent! I would love to enter for a chance to win In Perfect Time to add to my collection of your books.
    While I enjoyed my 16th birthday (many years ago), this year’s birthday was special when my daughters gave me a quilt they made from quilt squares by mother had started before she died. The gift rendered me totally speechless and warms not only my heart but our bed (which my dad made when I was 2 years old…many, many years ago).
    Thank you for your generous spirit and your daily blog.
    God bless,

  37. Célia

    Happy birthday, Sarah!
    May you have the best 🙂
    I love reading your books, and i prefered this: Distant Melody (Nas Asas do Amor), A Memory Between Us (Nas Asas da Memoria) and Blue Skies Tomorrow (Nas Asas do Amanha).
    My favourite birthday was when I made 40 years and my family and friends made a surprise party, but as I really like to celebrate my birthday every one is important.
    God blesseb you and your family.

  38. Milú Reis

    Como não sei inglês, digo em português
    Parabéns Sarah!
    Gostaria muito de ganhar um livro escrito por si, O “Nas Asas da Memória” e/ou “Nas Asas do Amanhã”!
    Beijos e continue o bom trabalho.

  39. Vera Coutinho

    1st of all: happy bday!!!!!
    i would love to reqd your ebooks in portuguese (my mother language) or english :):)
    *fingers crossed*

    kisses from Portugal 🙂

  40. Alanna

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I have loved everyone of your books, especially In Perfect Time. I also really enjoyed A Memory Between Us, and as I am now learning German, it would be exciting to read it in that language 🙂

  41. Ingerlise

    Wishing you a very Happy & Blessed Birthday tomorrow 🙂 I would love to win a copy of In Perfect Time. I have read your Wings of Glory series and With Every Letter. I still want/need to read On Distant Shores and am so looking forward to your Waves of Freedom series! I have LOVED every story of yours that I have read! I don’t have a favorite birthday….I may have to do something about that in the future:)

  42. Loraine N.

    Happy Birthday Sarah! I would love to win In Perfect Time. It’s really difficult to pick a favorite birthday since I have had many wonderful ones through my life. One of my memorable ones was when I received my first 35mm camera. We couldn’t afford very much and I knew that my parents had sacrificed to get it for me. I still have it all these years later!

  43. Patricia Silva

    Happy Birthday.

    in this giveaway I would like to receive: in Portuguese

    A Distant Melody (On the Wings of Love)

    A Memory Between Us (On the Wings of Memory)

    Blue Skies Tomorrow (On the Wings of Tomorrow)

    My favorite birthday was 13 years ago, it’s amazing party at my home with all friends.

    thank you for this opportunity

  44. Maxie Anderson

    Sarah, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. My favorite birthday was 3 1/2 years ago when my kids and grandkids gave me a surprise.
    birthday party for my 75th birthday. Such a beautiful decorated house of one of my granddaughters. it really was a surprise too. First ever. Everyone brought my favorite foods and desserts for our lunch. It was fabulous! No, I do not speak another language than English. I would love to win one of your books to go with my other two. Thanks! Maxie

  45. Lis K

    Happy Birthday! And thanks for sharing your books! I’d love to win a copy of In Perfect Time because I’ve really loved this series. I don’t really have a favorite birthday and once the kids came, their birthdays became more important. You know how that goes 🙂

  46. Andreia Martins

    I would be interested in these books :

    A Distant Melody (Nas Asas do Amor)

    A Memory Between Us (Nas Asas da Memoria)

    Blue Skies Tomorrow (Nas Asas do Amanha)
    A friend of mine really loved the series and she totally recommended it.

    My favourite birthday was probably last year when my parents gave me the best present ever, my little dog. *.*

    My favorite birthday

  47. Ana

    Sarah happy birthday!
    My name is Ana I am Portuguese, last week was a stationery store with my mother, and saw the book “A Distant Melody”. My mom really likes this kind of books and how she is doing almost years, I wanted to give the book to my mother “A Distant Melody” in Portuguese.
    Today I saw your offer Sarah can give me the three books of the Wings of Glory: A Distant Melody; The memory between us and
    Blue Skies Tomorrow in Portuguese? I would like so much to offer to my mother.

    The birthday I liked most was when I turned 16 and my whole family celebrated with me on my birthday.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be giving these books.
    Kisses from Portugal.
    Sarah sorry for my English.

  48. Nicole S

    Happy birthday!

    I would like In Perfect Time. I’d like any book in German to send to a missionary to enjoy.

    My favorite birthday is any one that I spend with my family.

  49. Paula Mosley

    I would love a copy of In Perfect time in German for my 88 year old Mother. While she does speak and read english….it takes her back to her younger days to read it in German.

    I would say that any birthday above ground is a wonderful birthday 🙂

  50. Paula Mosley

    Whooops….make that “a Distant Melody” in German for Mom…….(so, I’m not so good at following directions.)

  51. Heather S

    Sadly I’m not proficient in any of those other languages, but I would love to win a copy of “In Perfect Time.” Thank you for the giveaway, and happy birthday!

  52. Myra

    I do not read nor know of anyone who reads in the foreign languages you posted, and alas, I have already read your newest book, “A Distant Melody,” which I really enjoyed. So happy belated birthday to one of my favorite authors! By the way, I am anxious for your Waves of Freedom books to come out!