Book Beat – A Most Inconvenient Marriage

A Most Inconvenient MarriageNot welcome in her own home, nurse Abigail Stuart has nowhere to go when the Civil War ends. Dying patient Jeremiah Calhoun offers her a solution – marry him and she’ll have a home, and he’ll have peace of mind knowing Abigail can care for his invalid sister. Abigail agrees, and after Jeremiah passes away, she goes to his farm. Over time, Abigail wins over his mother and even his ill-tempered sister, and starts to resuscitate the dying horse farm.

Then the real Jeremiah Calhoun comes home – very much alive and NOT the man Abigail married. Convinced Abigail is an imposter bent on stealing the farm, Jeremiah is determined to drive her away.

A Most Inconvenient Marriage is another delightful novel by Regina Jennings. Abigail and Jeremiah are strong characters, believable, flawed, and likable. I truly wanted these two hurting people to find happiness with each other. And the humor! The incidents with the skunks and the pie dough…well, you just have to read them yourself! I loved this story and highly recommend it.

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  1. Connie Brown

    This sounds so good. I hope I can find it. Skunks and pie dough, sounds like areal combination.