Book Beat – A Sky Without Stars

sky without starsIn 1951, recent widow Frankie Chasing Bear wants to make a better life for herself and her ten-year-old son, Harold, while teaching him to value their Lakota heritage. In Arizona, she meets federal agent Nick Parker, who struggles to balance his half-Lakota background with his “white man’s job.” Frankie and Nick are drawn to each other, but she distrusts his faith in the Christian God. When a string of thefts at the Indian School endangers Frankie’s dreams of an education and Nick’s boss pressures him to do something he know will be wrong for the Navajo, both Frankie and Nick need strength. As Frankie works on Harold’s Lakota Star quilt, she seeks wisdom from her grandmother’s teachings – but what if her grandma’s faith in God is what she needs most?

Linda Clare

Linda S. Clare and Sarah Sundin at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, April 2014

In A Sky Without Stars, Linda S. Clare paints a touching picture of two wounded people seeking identity and strength. Particularly poignant are Frankie’s struggles with her son and Nick’s turmoil as he tries to navigate two worlds. The details of life for Native Americans in the 1950s are fascinating and troubling. Beautiful writing, unique characters, and an appealing romance make this novel especially compelling. I highly recommend this story.

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  1. Linda Clare

    Thank you Sarah for your kind words and for featuring my book on your blog. I so enjoyed hanging out at Mount Hermon. What a fun and interesting person you are! 🙂 Thanks again! ~Linda