Book Beat – Amish Day!

For those of you (like me!), who haven’t gotten a start on their Christmas shopping yet (hangs head in shame), I’m giving away two delightful books today!

The Memory Jar by Tricia Goyer tells of Sarah Shelter, an Amish woman living in West Kootenai, Montana. Still grieving the death of her childhood best friend, Sarah keeps mementos in jars to remind herself of special moments. When Jathan Shrock comes to town, they discover a shared love of bakeries and baking. However, Sarah’s love for baking “fancy” cupcakes isn’t well received by Jathan’s more traditional hometown, and Jathan is pressures him to take a factory job to support his family.

The Memory Jar is more than a sweet romance. Sarah and Jathan juggle the desires of family and community, their personal dreams, and following God’s will. And Sarah also has important lessons to live about treasuring the past instead of dwelling in the past. Tricia Goyer’s writing, as always, is engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

If you lament the lack of good Christian fiction for elementary-schoolers, you’ll be thrilled by Life with Lily. Suzanne Woods Fisher and Mary Ann Kinsinger have started a new series, The Adventures of Lily Lapp, about an Amish girl, her little brother, and their new baby. Reminiscent of all the wonderful chapter books I enjoyed as a child, this book is a charmer. Based on Mary Ann Kunsinger’s Amish childhood, each chapter tells funny, interesting, and adventuresome stories. And the simple pen and ink illustrations are darling. I would recommend this book for third-fifth graders to read on their own, and for kindergarten-second graders for reading aloud – or on their own if they’re advanced readers.

Don’t miss the amazing website for this series (http://adventuresoflilylapp.com/) which has coloring pages, games, recipes, and an “Ask Lily” feature.

I have a copy of EACH of these books to give away! To enter the drawing, please leave a comment below telling what interests you about the Amish, which book you’d like to win (you can enter to win both), and your email address in the following format so I can contact you if you win – sarah[at]sarahsundin[dot]com. I’ll announce the winners Monday, December 17.

10 Responses to “Book Beat – Amish Day!”

  1. Charity

    I love the simplicity of life. Something I wish we could have more of… WITH modern conveniences of course… 🙂

  2. Jasmine A.

    I think I am interested in the history that is still alive today in the Amish since they change so little.
    Another thing I like about Amish stories is that, while I am an Englischer, I live a very quiet and simple life a bit like they do. Its nice to read stories about people that are closer to my own lifestyle.
    Love Tricia’s books! In fact much of The Memory Jar takes place just a few miles north of where I live 🙂
    Would love to win either story but I think I lean just a little bit more toward The Memory Jar. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Jasmine A.

  3. Raye

    Several years ago I read Dan Miller’s book “The Rudder of the Day: Stories & Wisdom to Kick Start Your Workday” one of the stories is titled “Amish Business” he talks about why he believes Amish small businesses/entrepreneurs have higher success rates than other small businesses in America because of 5 character traits. What Dan Miller shared resonated with me so strongly I copied the story & for many years, read it everyday to ensure I incorporate these into my own life & biz.

    The 5 Character Traits of an Amish Business: 1) an ethic of hard work, 2) use of apprenticeships to train young entrepreneurs, 3) small scale operations, 4) frugality & austerity, resulting in low overhead, 5) product quality, uniqueness, and value.

    I would love to win The Memory Jar because reading a story that respects & honors “old school” “old fashioned” morals & values way of life will be a refreshing alternative to some of the storylines in other books out in the marketplace.

    Thank you.

    Raye Cage

  4. Mary

    I admire their simplicity, and apparent contentment with the plain life. Either book would be great!

  5. Jenna C.

    Oooh! Well..I love how the Amish live simply, and they do farming and things that they did in the olden days..I think sometimes the computer and technology would be something nice to get away from…I would love to read Life with Lily! I’ve been wanting to read it in a while!


  6. Mary Preston

    It’s the dedication & commitment, as well the simpler lifestyle that fascinates.

    I would love to read LIFE WITH LILY thank you.


  7. Anonymous

    I would love to read The Memory Jar. I know the Amish aren’t perfect and I love the way they choose not to conform to this world. I like the way they live separately from the world, their sense of community and family. I know all this stems from their beliefs. Blessings, Susan Fryman susanngarrylee AT yahoo Dot com

  8. freebrd06

    I would so much love to win a copy of your book
    in your current book giveaway. I so impressed that you are teaching and speaking regularly on the Radio. I’ll keep you in my prayers Susan.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    From Deanna S Gordinier