Book Beat – Caught in the Middle

Caught in the MiddleIn 1883 Texas, Anne Tillerton has made a life for herself as a buffalo hunter, living and dressing as a man. The last thing she wants is a reminder of her painful past, so when she meets up with well-to-do businessman Nick Lovelace from Prairie Lea, she’s less than pleased – especially when she has to save Nick from train robbers. Nick is torn between his unexpected attraction to Anne and the demands of his benefactors. Without their railroad contracts, his lumber business would turn to sawdust. When Anne finds herself taking care of an abandoned baby, the walls she’s built around her heart threaten to crumble – and let Nick right in.

I was thrilled to read Regina Jennings‘s latest novel, Caught in the Middle. Anne Tillerton was a fascinating side character in Sixty Acres and a Bride and in Love in the Balance, and I couldn’t wait to hear Anne’s story. I wasn’t disappointed. Anne was an intriguing character with high walls protecting her wounded heart, Nick Lovelace was an interesting foil for her, and they helped each other grow – my favorite kind of romance. Nick’s ethical struggles with his business interests bring even more depth to this novel. If you like books with well-drawn characters, spiritual depth, and a touch of humor, you’ll love Caught in the Middle.