Book Beat – Daisies Are Forever by Liz Tolsma

Daisies are ForeverAs World War II drew to a close, German civilians lived in horrendous conditions. In Daisies Are Forever, American-born Gisela Cramer is living with her grandfather and cousin in Prussia. But as the Soviets advance, committing atrocities, Gisela flees with her two young nieces. On the road she meets Mitch Edwards, an RAF pilot who escaped from his POW camp and is wearing a German uniform. In the depths of winter, Mitch and Gisela flee to Berlin, where Gisela’s mother lives – only to face the horrors of bombing and starvation. In the midst of devastation, how can Mitch and Gisela find love and hope?

In Daisies Are Forever, Liz Tolsma gives a harrowing look at life during the fall of Nazi Germany. Gisela and Mitch are appealing characters, making the best of horrible circumstances and trying to find faith and love. This is a fast-paced novel, but still deeply touching. I enjoyed it thoroughly and highly recommend it.

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