Book Beat – Empty Nest by Marci Seither

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It happened so fast. One minute I was wrapping my baby boy in a blue blanket and bringing him home – and the next minute I was hauling all his possessions into a cramped dorm room. Now he’s graduating from college. And interviewing for Big Jobs. And he has a beard.

For so many women, our girlhood dream was to become a mommy. Then we were blessed with children. Those mommy years have been delightful (and frustrating and insane!). But motherhood is the only profession I know whose sole purpose is to put ourselves out of a job. We want our children to grow up and live productive and independent lives. Yet when the children begin to leave – a huge life transition for them – it also alters family dynamics and can leave moms feeling bereft of purpose.

Over the past few years, I’ve struggled with allowing my children to make their own decisions and their own mistakes, and to learn to trust that God’s plans are ALWAYS better than my plans. I’ve felt that deep chest ache when I pass my son’s silent room, knowing he’ll only be a visitor from now on. And I’ve felt that exhilarating joy watching him become an independent young man who honors God.

I know I’m not alone.

Empty nestMarci Seither‘s new book, Empty Nest: Strategies to Help Your Kids Take Flight, came at a crucial time for me. Not only is our firstborn graduating from college, but our daughter just started college and a job, and our younger son is in high school. The Nest-Emptying is in process, challenging each member of the Sundin family.

Each chapter in Empty Nest addresses a unique aspect of the process – helping kids head to college or the military, tips for younger siblings at home, and tips for single moms and for couples. Marci Seither encourages us to choose faith over fear and to rediscover our significance as women – apart from the mommy role. The book is full of touching stories, humorous anecdotes, godly wisdom, and practical tips. This is a powerful book, full of compassion and encouragement for both mama birds and fledglings.

I highly recommend this book for moms whose nests are empty or emptying – and even for those with younger children. A major transition requires mental and spiritual preparation to handle well. Grandmas, this book would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift for daughters or daughters-in-law. This is a book that I’ll review over the years – not only for the wisdom and encouragement, but for Marci Seither’s delightful humor.



Empty nest prizeMarci Seither has generously offered to give away this adorable cup cozy! Everyone who comments here on the blog will be entered in the drawing. The winner will be announced on Marci’s website on May 9, 2014 – and I’ll make an announcement here too. In your comment, please leave your email address in the following format: sarah [at] sarahsundin [dot] com.

21 Responses to “Book Beat – Empty Nest by Marci Seither”

  1. Marci Seither

    Thanks so much Sarah. I have to say that this is a book I wished I had had when our first..who also has a beard..(YIKES) was leaving home! This is such a big transition for the whole family.

    I am delighted that you loved the book and hope it will be an encouragement to your readers as well.

  2. Renee-Ann

    This is a great post. This is the kind of book I wish I’d had when my two babies left home. I certainly wasn’t prepared. Only one of mine has a beard! 😉

    I’ll be sure to share this with others.

    Blessings. Renee-Ann <

  3. Lisa Medeiros

    Sounds like a great book!!! My kids aren’t leaving the nest yet… But I still can’t believe they are already 6 and 4! 🙂

  4. Chris

    This is a big transition. I am looking forward to reading it. We are in the throws of this as our oldest daughter is in college, comes and goes and our youngest daughter leaves to start her junior year in college this fall. It is hard to nurture then let go and they want cut off . . . until something happens. I told my 18 year old, now 19, hey give me a few months to get used to this . . . I will try to respond and not react but cut me some slack!!! : ) Worked pretty well . . . so far. Ha! Thanks for giveaway.

    • Sarah Sundin

      Ah, yes. These transitional years are fun, aren’t they? My daughter is a college student living at home – and we’ve had to set up loose boundaries that respect her as an adult but make sure she respects us too. It’s a work in progress 🙂

  5. Julie Voss

    Sounds like a book I could use. Curious too about what my friend Michelle Ule had to share.

  6. Brenda Madge

    I have me an empty nest! But it’s a good thing right? 🙂

  7. WendyBrz

    The empty nest ain’t for sissies – and those of us with only one child have no backup plan whatsoever. I put it right up there with potty-training as the hardest part of parenting.
    I look forward to reading the book!

  8. MaryMary

    Count your blessings. You have a son who will come home. Not trying to be a downer, but, reading the blog tears fell as I remember my son is never coming home. I will go home to God to see my son. Meanwhile, my heart breaks on a daily basis as I go to tell him something, or do something for him. So leaving the nest to come back and visit sounds great to me. He will come home to you. However, I do understand how you feel. My middle son left and there has been an empty spot for years there too. Pray for us. Thanks.

  9. Nellie

    I would love to read this book. I have one graduating from college this year with one graduating high school. My second eldest will be studying abroad next year…

    neabmom32 [at] gmail [dot] com