Book Beat – Every Tear a Memory by Myra Johnson

Every TearJoanna Trapp lives for adventure. During World War I she served as a “Hello Girl” switchboard operator in France. When a telegram arrives after the war announcing the death of Joanna’s mother, she reluctantly goes home to Hot Springs, Arkansas to care for her troubled teenage sister, Lily. However, quiet home life makes her restless. Only her job as a hotel switchboard operator gives her any sense of purpose.

During the war, Thomas Ballard had to stay home with health issues, while his brother and friends fought and sacrificed for their country. However, a life of security has always appealed to him, and his work as a manager of one of Hot Springs’s finest hotels fulfills him.

When Thomas and Joanna meet, their mutual attraction battles with their inherent differences. Can a woman of adventure find happiness with a man of stability? Will they challenge each other – or infuriate each other?

Every Tear a Memory by Myra Johnson explores the time immediately after the First World War, when servicemen – and servicewomen – readjusted to their lives at home. The honest look at the effects of grief and mental illness elevate this story beyond a simple romance. But the romance also satisfies on a deep level, as Thomas and Joanna’s relationship brings about mutual growth as well as tender kisses. A lovely story I highly recommend.

10 Responses to “Book Beat – Every Tear a Memory by Myra Johnson”

  1. Tina Steger

    Sounds like a great story! I’d love to listen to this book on CD.

    • Myra Johnson

      Hi, Tina! I’m not sure if my publisher plans to do any of my novels as audiobooks, but I’d love to find out!

  2. Amy Grochowski

    Just the kind of story that I cannot resist… SOLD! I’m looking forward to settling in to a good read this evening. 🙂 Thanks for the review.

  3. Anita Mae Draper

    I was scrolling past my Facebook stuff and this cover just grabbed at me. Love it! Thanks, Sarah, I’m looking forward to reading Myra’s book.

  4. Sandra Leesmith

    Sarah, thanks for featuring Myra’s book and letting us know about it. Wow, sounds like another Myra Johnson winner. I can hardly wait to get into it. I think that era is really intriguing also. Thanks again for sharing this.

  5. Bonita Johnson

    You know I love all your books so far. Will be getting this soon. Thanks for the adventures.