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Book Beat – Imperfect Justice by Cara Putman

Imperfect Justice by Cara PutmanEmilie Wesley has devoted her legal career to helping abused women. She’s so close to helping Kaylene Adams and her two daughters escape Kaylene’s abusive husband. So when the news breaks that Kaylene has shot both daughters and was then killed by the police, Emilie is devastated. But she’s convinced Kaylene’s husband is the guilty party.

Reid Billings grieves for his sister, Kaylene, and his nieces, one of whom is in critical care. He also doesn’t believe Kaylene could be guilty, and he enlists Emilie’s help to gain custody of his surviving niece. But to do so, they first have to prove Kaylene’s innocence, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Imperfect Justice by Cara Putman is a riveting legal thriller. As Reid and Emilie race to save a little girl, their mutual grief and self-doubts provide realistic and touching counterpoints. The story illustrates the plight of women trapped in abusive relationships, timely and relevant and sobering. Imperfect Justice is an excellent continuation of the Hidden Justice series, but it easily stands alone. I loved this book!

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The Sound of Light by Sarah Sundin
“Sundin’s craft is inimitable, and her literary finesse radiates from every page.”
—Booklist starred review for The Sound of Light

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