Book Beat – Joy Takes Flight by Bonnie Leon

If you’ve enjoyed the adventures of high-flying Depression-era pilot Kate Evans in Bonnie Leon’s Touching the Clouds and Wings of Promise, you’ll love Joy Takes Flight, the conclusion to the Alaskan Skies series.

Joy Takes Flight starts with the long-awaited wedding of Kate Evans and physician Paul Anderson. Married life offers them more exciting Alaskan adventures, but also some bumps and bruises. Should Kate continue in her dangerous job as an Alaskan bush pilot? Will Paul ever come to grips with whatever tragedy led him to flee San Francisco years earlier? Will pregnancy unite them – or raise new issues?

Joy Takes Flight is a gripping story filled with adventure and excitement, but it also shows wonderful character development for both Kate and Paul as married life forces them to stretch. Those who have enjoyed the first two books in this series (and they DO have to be read in order) will love watching the sub-plots come to satisfying – although never easy – conclusions. I highly recommend this series.

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