Book Beat – No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig

Whom do you trust when no one is trustworthy?

In No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig, Cara Hamilton faces that question. She arrives at Ellis Island from Ireland in 1897, lured by a letter from her twin brother, presumed to be dead. But how can she follow her brother’s orders not to trust anyone – and still find her brother?

Rourke Turner yearns to avenge his father’s murder, and the pretty young immigrant seems to be the key. However, Rourke’s goal of vengeance becomes muddied as he slowly falls for Cara – and his desire to win Cara’s heart is threatened by the web of lies he’s spun.

This is a suspenseful novel, with well-drawn characters and a delightful romance with just the right amont of tension. I was a bit confused by the suspense plotline, but then I don’t read a lot of suspense. Overall, Cara’s predicament and Rourke’s changing heart made this a compelling read. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Elizabeth Ludwig

    Hi, Sarah! Thank you for reading and reviewing NO SAFE HARBOR. I’m so glad you enjoyed Cara and Rourke’s story! 🙂