Book Beat – Peril by Jordyn Redwood

At this time of year, what better to feature than a novel that will keep you up at night? Peril by Jordyn Redwood is the latest in her Bloodline trilogy. Although I loved Proof and Poison (see my glowing reviews at the links), I think Peril is her best yet.

Pediatric nurse Morgan Adams is barely holding on. Her infant daughter recently died, her marriage is in trouble, she’s learned a family secret…and then she faces a hostage situation in the pediatric ICU. While children’s lives hang in the balance, Morgan in the ICU, her husband Tyler on the outside, and the police try to sort the scrambled pieces.

As a critical care nurse, Jordyn Redwood brings the details to life with accuracy and a sure hand.  Peril gripped me and wouldn’t let me go, with fast-paced action, deft humor, psychological twists, and characters who find strength despite deep wounds. Don’t miss this novel—or this author.