Book Beat – Small Town Girl by Ann Gabhart

What could be more painful than watching the man you love marry your sister? In the fall of 1941, Kate Merritt puts on a properly celebratory smile as her sister Evie marries pastor Mike Champion, the object of Kate’s affections. Meanwhile, the best man, out-of-towner Jay Tanner is intrigued by Kate. Too handsome and charming for his own good, Jay is used to gaining women’s hearts easily, but with a history of loss and abandonment, he is not used to the warm family welcome the Merritts extend to him. However, Mike warns Kate and her family about Jay’s unreliable nature, and war looms on the horizon.

In Small Town Girl, Ann Gabhart returns to the warmth of the Merritt home and the charming but quirky town of Rosey Corner, Kentucky, introduced in her wonderful novel, Angel Sister. Once again, Gabhart crafts characters real and flawed and lovable, and a family you want to adopt as your own. The story is compelling, the writing flows, and the historical details are just right. I strongly recommend this novel.

5 Responses to “Book Beat – Small Town Girl by Ann Gabhart”

  1. Ann H Gabhart

    Thanks, Sarah. Love your blog here. Very attractive and inviting. I appreciate you giving my book a shout-out. Looking forward to your new book too. I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about your books.

  2. Unknown

    There’s nothing like telling stories of hope amid war times, right, Sarah? No wonder these books resonate with us so powerfully these days.

  3. Noelle the dreamer

    Thanks Sarah for a great review. Ann definitively has a winner here, I was hooked!
    May you have a safe and happy 4th of July,

  4. Sarah Sundin

    You’re welcome, Ann! Thanks for writing such a lovely set of books – can’t wait for the third one!

    “Unknown” – I agree 🙂

    Noelle – I’m not surprised at all that you liked it 🙂