Book Beat – Stars in the Night

Do you love fiction set during World War II? Love classic movies? Love a good mystery?

If you like any of these, Stars in the Night by Cara Putman is a fun read.

Rosemary Shaeffer came to Hollywood to find fame in the movies. She found death. Her sister, attorney Audra Shaeffer, comes to Hollywood to find justice and truth. She meets actor Robert Garfield, who’s looking for the one big break to push him from B-list to star.

Audra and Robert join the Hollywood Victory Caravan to meet their goals. The train crosses America, loaded with movie stars and singers, to sell War Bonds. However, bodies keep turning up. As the danger rises, Audra and Robert try to find the murderer.

Stars in the Night has plenty of spark between an appealing hero and heroine, plus plenty of conflict to keep them apart. The scenes with the movie stars are lots of fun, recalling those wonderful “let’s put on a show!” movies so popular in the 1940s. The jokes, the rivalries, the scheming, the selfishness – and the occasional gems in their midst – all ring true. While I’m not qualified to comment on the mystery – sadly, I’m the only woman in my family who doesn’t read mysteries – I was able to follow the plot, and there were plenty of suspects and red herrings and twists to keep me guessing.

If you want some glamour, mystery, and romance in your life, pick up Stars in the Night.

3 Responses to “Book Beat – Stars in the Night”

  1. Cara Putman

    Thanks so much, Sarah. I am delighted that you enjoyed it! Can’t wait to read Blue Skies Tomorrow!

  2. Jill Kemerer

    I love forties movies, and your description of this makes me want to run out and by the book! Of course, the gorgeous cover doesn’t hurt either.

    And now I’m thinking of watching White Christmas again!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Sarah Sundin

    Cara – you’re welcome 🙂
    Jill – you, me, Cara, White Christmas, popcorn – sound like a plan? 🙂