Book Beat – The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style

It’s tough being a “tween” girl of faith. You want to look cute. You want to fit in. You know you shouldn’t care about superficial things. But you do.
If you have a young lady aged 8-12 in your life, you’ll want to get her The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style by Sherry Kyle (Legacy Press, 2010). Everything about it is appealing. The illustrations are cute, cute, cute. There are stories and games and crafts and puzzles and interesting facts. It even comes with a little animal-print change purse!
All those things attract, but the text will keep girls enthralled. Sherry Kyle mixes great advice about hair, clothes, and accessories with advice about inner beauty. The spiritual message is blended in without preachiness. Each chapter starts with a story about a girl with a real-life dilemma who learns a lesson about jealousy or gratitude or kindness. Questions and activities reinforce both the inner and the outer lessons. Parents will also appreciate the emphasis on modesty – and on accepting authority.
The overall message is to discover the unique you God created. When girls feel better about themselves – inside and out – they can have the confidence to do all the wonderful things God has in store for them.
To learn more about The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style or to order, please visit http://www.sherrykyle.com. The book is available at your local bookstore (or if it isn’t, ask them to stock it!) or it can be ordered on-line at Amazon or ChristianBook.com.