Book Beat – The Deepest Waters

Doesn’t the cover of this book grab you? If the cover doesn’t, the story will. In The Deepest Waters, Dan Walsh spins a compelling story inspired by a real-life incident.

In 1857, John and Laura Foster are heading to New York on the modern steamship, the SS Vandervere. After a hurricane strikes, the women and children are rescued by a sailing ship while the men flounder on the open sea. Laura believes she’s a widow, alone again, mourning her beloved husband. She takes inspiration from Micah, an elderly slave who works on the boat, and his little dog, Crabby. As Laura struggles with despondency, John battles the elements, both believing they’ll never see each other again.

Dan Walsh proves his ability to write a gripping, emotional story, as he did in his earlier World War II books, The Unfinished Gift and The Homecoming. The miraculous elements of the story might come across as unbelievable – except those elements came from the real-life steamship sinking! Laura’s friendship with Micah is beautiful, and the effect of the disaster on the high-society Foster family is touching.

I highly recommend this lovely novel.