Book Beat – The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room by Sherry Kyle

It’s a minor dilemma faced by preteen girls and their moms. The cute little-girl décor is outgrown. Big decorating dreams take hold – and can become an obsession. Moms want to keep costs down – and to teach daughters proper values while encouraging creativity.

The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room by Sherry Kyle is a welcome gift for both girls and moms. Full of fun stories, cute pictures, decorating tips, quizzes, and crafts, this book will engage girls. (It engaged the little girl inside me!) The stories and activities guide tween girls through budgeting and planning their room makeover – in an economical, practical, and creative way. Girls are taught basic home decorating, even how to use graph paper to design.

Moms will love how the stories and tips enforce biblical principles of frugality, compassion, encouragement, and obedience – without ever sounding preachy.

If the tween girl in your life is itching for a bedroom makeover, you’ll both love The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room!

Sadly, my own daughter is too old for this book. Sigh. So I’m giving away a copy of The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room. Please leave a comment about your own girlish bedroom dreams, and make sure to include your email address so I can contact the winner. Leave the email address in the following format: sarah [at] sarahsundin [dot] com. You must be over 18 to enter, US only please. I’ll post the winner on Tuesday, October 29.

17 Responses to “Book Beat – The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room by Sherry Kyle”

  1. Jackie McNutt

    I grew up in the 1950’s so we didn’t have many ways to decorate or money to do it. Today I have 5 granddaughters who would love ideas and their parents who want to encourage their girls styles but keep it within budget. This sounds like a great book for parents and their girls. Thank you for making it available.

  2. Noelle the dreamer

    Oh Sarah, for some reason, you brought a lot to mind today! I shared a room with one parent and my sibling…Life was so different then!
    Still I know two little girls soon to enter their teens who would love to peruse that book so I’ll enter for Ella and Emma!
    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Anonymous

    I have three young ladies that share a room from ages 8 – 11. It is mind boggling to figure out to incorporate all three girls’ passions and avoid their dislikes! Oye! One day, they will have their own rooms, but by that time, they will only get it for a year or two before leaving home!

    kzavala at tds dot net

  4. Gretchen E.K. Engel

    What a fun book. Over the summer we bought our 5 year old a big girl bed. She inherited her brother’s striped IKEA circus bedding. It worked for both kids’ rooms. Frugality is definitely an important Biblical principle in our family.

  5. Jaime Wright

    I’ll be at this stage in no time flat!! Disney Princess is going to get old fast 🙂 jaimejosundsmo at gmail dot com

  6. traveler

    Way back in the 1950’s we lived simply and I shared a bedroom with my sister. White furniture and a chenille bedspread. Nothing elaborate but that was the day and age. For my grandaughter I would decorate in a very attractive and tasteful manner so that she would enjoy this wonderful and special hideaway. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. petite

    My dream room never did exist since that was not regarded as essential and important and I didn’t mind since we grew up with books and music. This book would be like a dream come true for my daughter-in-law and her little girl since they will be planning a delightful surprise for her. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. Barb D

    Way back in the 1950’s my dad painted my room, & my sisters’ room pink-had a pink chair, a pink throw rug, pink chair, pink alarm clock, pink blanket–ask me if I like pink today? (nope! “pink stinks!”) my dream bedroom has plain furniture, a quilt on the bed, and has BLUE as the primary color!

  9. Pat

    I would love to win this for my ten yr old granddaughter. Thought I was only going to have boys in my family, 2 sons, 3 grandsons & then youngest son married 2 yrs ago & she has a daughter. She loves anything to do with design & her favorite show is “Project Runway”. It would be so much fun helping her decorate her room.

  10. Karen Barnett

    I had the ultimate room as a young teenager–the attic of a Victorian house. It had great dormer windows, slanted walls, walk-through closet, and plenty of space. I had one dormer decorated with pictures of horses clipped from magazines and the opposite dormer decorated with magazine pics of… well… boys. I was a teen, after all. Oh, and I took a huge ball of red yarn and ran it in one long line along the walls, tacking it up in fun designs all the way around the room–weird angles, loopty-loops, heart-beat patterns, stairsteps, etc. Such fun!

    My daughter’s the perfect age for this book. In fact, she’s already got it (probably reading it right now under the covers), so you don’t need to enter us. I just wanted to share… 😉

  11. Anonymous

    I shared a room with 4 sisters and the dream room would have been lots of lace and pink with a beautiful desk to work at. Furniture would have been curved with dolls on top of the dresser. My granddaughter has a beautiful room with lovely white furniture, an art table, wicker furniture for her dolls now. Turning 12 she would be perfect for this book on how to get tot he next step. My email address is chopkinsaz@yahoo.com

  12. lollipops

    I have three girls and they would love this book.

    My room as a girl was the small bedroom in the house. I had bunkbeds, for when a friend stayed over, a dresser, a desk, and a Barbie house. It wasn’t decorated any particular way. But my dream room would’ve had a full sized bed with a canopy. 🙂

  13. Julie Arduini

    I didn’t have a very frilly room. I had dark paneling that I covered up with posters. I think my dream was a canopy bed. This sounds like a great book for my daughter.She definitely has the frilly I never got to experiment with.
    juliearduini at zoominternet dot net