Book Beat – The Memoir of Johnny Devine

Johnny DevineIn 1953, war widow Eliza Saunderson is a struggling writer, with betrayal and loss in her past – and no hope in her future. But when she’s offered a job to help Johnny Devine write his memoir, she hesitates. A former Hollywood star, Johnny is infamous for his womanizing. Eliza, however, is too hungry to turn the job down. As John’s story unfolds, she sees a man reformed – transformed by his new relationship with Christ – yet burdened by the sins of his past. Their friendship builds, but when both John and Eliza come under suspicion during the notorious McCarthy hearings, secrets from their past threaten to come between them.

Combining the romance of classic Hollywood, the intrigue of the Cold War era, and a stirring spiritual message, The Memoir of Johnny Devine is unforgettable. Eliza, John, and all the supporting characters are compelling, and Camille Eide’s strong and evocative writing brings the story to life. A novel to savor.

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