Book Beat – The Methuselah Project

The Methuselah Project by Rick BarryIn 1943, P-47 fighter pilot Capt. Roger Greene is shot down over Germany. Resigned to spending the rest of the war in a POW camp, he’s startled when the Germans turn him over to civilian scientists. Imprisoned, Roger is subjected to a bizarre Nazi experiment. As the years progress, his captors age…but Roger doesn’t.

In 2014, Katherine Mueller enjoys her editing job in Atlanta and trains hard in martial arts and target-shooting as a member of the mysterious Heritage Organization. Her Uncle Kurt expects her to marry a member of the Organization, but she resists.

When Roger finally escapes from his prison, he hasn’t aged a bit – but he has no idea how to function in the modern world. As his captors chase him down, Katherine helps him. But is she on his side – or is she working for his enemies?

Wow! What a ride! If you like World War II fiction, if you like a rip-roaring thriller, and if you like Captain America (you do like the Cap, don’t you?), you’ll love The Methuselah Project. Rick Barry knows his history, and all the details are just right, including Roger’s culture shock in modern America. Roger and Katherine are wonderful characters, and the suspense is smartly paced. Enjoy!

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