Book Beat – The Return of Miss Blueberry

While we all believe people can change, sometimes it’s hard to believe real people can really change.

In The Return of Miss Blueberry by Rachael Phillips, Callie Creighton quits her high-powered Chicago job to return to her hometown of Plymouth, Indiana. The last person she wants to see is Jason Kenton. In high school, Jason was gorgeous, manipulative, and strung girls along – including Callie,her best friend Andrea, and her cousin Brandy. Jason has changed – but how to convince Callie?

The Return of Miss Blueberry bubbles over with Rachael Phillips’s signature humor. Callie and Jason are engaging and realistic characters who make you think about how people change, how hard it is for others to accept those changes – and how easy it is to lose that acceptance. The combination of humor and a strong spiritual lesson make Miss Blueberry a winner.

24 Responses to “Book Beat – The Return of Miss Blueberry”

  1. Rachael Phillips

    Thanks, Sarah, for featuring my book on your blog. Wish we could enter the Blueberry Festival’s pie-eating contest together, as Callie and Andrea did!

  2. Cathy Shouse

    This sounds like a neat story. I love blueberries, and don’t turn down pie very often. I’m a bit behind on how these books are being distributed since the publisher has changed (I think). Is the book sent to book clubs or is it out and on store shelves? Enquiring readers want to know. haha

    • Rachael Phillips

      Hi, Cathy,
      Thanks for your kind words. I NEVER turn down pie, and you can tell.

      Yes, Harlequin bought Heartsong Presents from Barbour Publishing, and it’s still sent to a book club. However, Miss Blueberry and my brand-new release, Kissing Bridges, are also available on Amazon and christianbook.com.

  3. Elizabeth

    Wow! This sounds really good! Now I have to read it. 🙂 I know they say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but I LOVE the cover, Rachael!!

    • Anonymous

      Rachael’s books are always a favorite of mine. Not just the humor, but the real life situations we sometimes have to face and find it hard to figure out.Through her characters she teaches me how to listen to God’s voice. Joanne Hill

  4. Jan Wallace Reber

    The return of Miss Blueberry is a delightful read that will leave you wanting a second helping – okay, that sounded like a canned review, but it’s true! Rachael has a warm and funny style that makes you laugh with her characters, and if you don’t live in a small town now, you’ll want to after reading her books. Go Rachael!

  5. Linda Hanna

    To know Rachael is to love her, and her bent for humor is never disappointing. The Return of Miss Blueberry is a must read for any Rachael fan.

  6. Unknown

    Rachael’s books are always funny and thoughtful! And usually have a few delicious food descriptions ;).

    • Rachael Phillips

      I don’t know who you are, but you know me! I wish I were a picky eater, but that’s only in my dreams. And my husband’s 🙂

      Yes, I described the amazing assortment of yummy stuff at the Blueberry Festival–a foodie’s paradise–as well as the crusty, golden-brown, bursting-with-berries pie in the blueberry pie-eating contest. Unlike me, though, Callie, my heroine, can get away with it!

  7. Anonymous

    Rachael has me laughing with each column in the paper. Can’t wait to get a hot cup of tea, a blanket on my lap and Miss Blueberry in my itchy paws.
    Linda and I are proud to call you one of our book-writin’ frends, an’ feller awthur.
    I’ll be lookin’ for your book.

    • Rachael Phillips

      Thanks so much, feller awthur! For other readers, I recommend a fun, suspenseful read, Reflections of a Stranger, by Deborah Dulworth (aka, Anonymous) and Linda Hanna!

  8. peccadillo

    I’m a huge fan of this book. It was a fun read and as I’ve been in the area where the book is set…I found the story even more fun as I recognized things!
    I definitely would suggest this to anyone who enjoys a light-hearted read!

  9. peccadillo

    I love this book and enjoyed reading it very much. The tension between characters and the comedic moments were strategically located for just the right feel. I would suggest it to anyone who wants a relatable and light-hearted read.

  10. Rachael Phillips

    Thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed my book :-0) I had fun writing it, especially since it’s set in my hometown of many years, Plymouth, Indiana, amid a very real Blueberry Festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year!