Book Beat – The Reunion by Dan Walsh

Ever wonder what lies beneath the surface of ordinary people you know? In The Reunion, Dan Walsh introduces a character whose very ordinary appearance conceals an extraordinary soul.

Vietnam War veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Aaron Miller fell on hard times after the war and now serves as a handyman at a Florida trailer park. While reconciled with God, he remains estranged from his family. His daughter, Karen Miller, sells homes in Texas, single and trying not to be lonely and still bitter about the father who abandoned her. Reporter Dave Russo is working on a book to honor Vietnam veterans when a lead takes him in an astonishing direction that could change many lives, including his own.

Each time Dan Walsh writes a book, I think, “That’s it. This is his best book ever.” Then he writes a new book. And I say it again. So here I go – “The Reunion is his best book ever.” I’m prepared to amend that statement when his next novel is released.

The characters are believable and deeply drawn. I especially loved how Aaron demonstrates that a battlefield is not a requirement for a heroic life. The romance is sweet but realistic. And the ending – get out the tissues! I used several, and I rarely cry when reading novels. I highly recommend this novel.

3 Responses to “Book Beat – The Reunion by Dan Walsh”

  1. Rachel

    I cried reading the ending of ‘The Homecoming’! He’s a talented writer.

  2. Shoopette

    “The Discovery” was my first Dan Walsh book, and I didn’t think I could like another more than I did that one – and then I read “The Reunion!”

    I don’t usually cry at books, either, but this one really got to me. I will be posting a review on my blog later this month. (http://shoopettesbookreviews.blogspot.com/)

    Also, I am reading “With Every Letter” this week! 🙂