Book Beat – The Tiger’s Cage by Linda J. White

The Tiger's Cage by Linda J. WhiteIn 1995, FBI Special Agent Tom Donovan has drug kingpin Angel Ramos in his crosshairs. But Tom’s total dedication to his job leaves his wife, Cathy, feeling isolated. Their 18-year-old son, Kenny, is finishing his senior year in high school, determined to compete in the state wrestling championships.

When Ramos’s gang kidnaps Kenny, the Donovan family is thrust into crisis. Tom battles his personal demons as he races to save his only child, while Cathy retreats, furious with Tom for putting his family in danger. Meanwhile, Kenny is in the tiger’s cage, grasping for strength from his faith in God.

What a nail-biter! The Tiger’s Cage is a thrilling suspense story, enriched with an engrossing drama of a family in crisis. You’ll root for the hard-nosed FBI agent who learns to be weak and for the young hostage who finds strength he never knew he had. As always, Linda J. White has written an excellent FBI tale—with depth. Not to be missed!

*Warning: The violence in this novel may bother the more squeamish reader, and it does feature violence against an 18-year-old boy.

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