Book Beat – What Follows After

What Follows AfterTwelve-year-old Colt Harrison has had enough. It’s October 1962, and everyone in Florida is talking about the caravans of Army trucks heading south, of the rumors of nuclear bombs in Cuba, and of President Kennedy’s coming speech. But Colt can only think of his fractured family and the lie he’s been forced to live. Scott and Gina Harrison have been separated for almost a year, something nice couples don’t do in 1962, and so they’ve pretended to the world to still be together, forcing Colt and his six-year-old brother Timmy to lie. And Colt has had enough. If only he and Timmy could live with his aunt and uncle, who know about love and laughter. But when the boys board a bus north, Colt and Timmy find themselves in a nightmare, and Scott and Gina have to work together to bring their family together again. If their family can be saved.

In What Follows After by Dan Walsh, one family’s drama plays against the terrifying threat of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Colt is a realistic boy, acting with the youthful combination of acute insight and fantasy thinking. Scott and Gina’s journey is touching as they deal with the strangling effects of overwork, neglect, and miscommunication. Once again, Dan Walsh writes a poignant novel that makes you think about your own relationships while flipping the pages so you can find out what happens to the characters you care so much about. Don’t miss this novel!