Book Beat – Words of Conviction

Words ConvictionWhen five-year-old Zoe Grable, daughter of Sen. Bruce Grable, is kidnapped, words are the only clues. So the FBI calls in Special Agent Kenzie Graham, a psycholinguist. Kenzie’s academic background allows her to analyze the kidnapper’s choice and use of words – but her lack of field experience worries the other FBI agents, especially John “Crow” Crowfeather.

Senator Grable doesn’t make the investigation easy, with previous charges of corruption hanging over his head, and his narcissistic wife seems more worried about herself than about her daughter. As Kenzie and Crow work together to find Zoe, they’re challenged both professionally and personally, and their growing attraction complicates matters even more. The kidnapper becomes more desperate and dangerous, and time is running out.

In Words of Conviction, Linda J. White tells a pulse-pounding story that also makes you think. Complex characters, an intriguing premise, extensive research, and an unflinching look at Washington society make this book truly thrilling.

4 Responses to “Book Beat – Words of Conviction”

  1. Linda White

    Thanks, Sarah! I love the diversity of subjects we writers have to choose from. So much to write about, so little time!

  2. Lisa Harness

    Sounds like a cool twist. Will put it on my TBR list