Book Club Beat – Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner

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Book club name and location: Bibliovores, northern California

Title and Author: Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner

What it’s about:

While Jane Lindsay waits for her husband to decide if they’ll stay married, she finds a 16th-century betrothal ring. Certain that it belonged to Lady Jane Grey, she’s drawn to the parallels in their lives. Was Tudor England’s 9-day queen another victim of other people’s choices? Will Manhattan’s Jane realize she’s responsible for her own happiness?

Were discussion questions available? Were they helpful?

Yes, in the back of the book. We did use some of the questions and found them helpful.

What we liked about the book:

Many of us are fans of Susan Meissner’s writing. We enjoyed the realistic characters, the depiction of the dangers of Tudor England, and the questions raised by the story. Interestingly, we all responded that we were more drawn to Lady Jane Grey’s story than to modern Jane Lindsay’s – but Jane Lindsay’s story prompted more discussion and thought.

Anything we would change about the book?

We all would have liked more development of Jane Lindsay’s spiritual story line. It was clear she needed to grow spiritually, but she made only the tiniest step.

Fun connections (did the story inspire food, decorations, etc.?):

One of the ladies made a decadent red velvet cake – Jane Lindsay’s favorite.

Deep connections (this story made us think about the following discussion topics):

As with all of Susan Meissner’s books, Lady in Waiting brought up many discussion topics. We were intrigued by Jane Lindsay, a passive people-pleaser content to let other people make her decisions – and how she finally recognized that in herself and moved to change. We spent a lot of time discussing her controlling mother too – was she a manipulative shrew or motivated by love? We also discussed how we can train our own compliant people-pleasing children to make their own decisions and not fall into the temptation to control.

Do you recommend this book for other book clubs?

Absolutely. Susan Meissner’s novels are naturals for book clubs – great characters, beautiful writing, and topics real women can relate to.

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  1. Joanne Bischof

    This was a beautiful book. I lent it to my mom and she stole my copy so I need to get another one! I like your insights on the story. Red velvet cake…sounds like you girls had some fun 🙂