Book Giveaway – The Discovery by Dan Walsh

Today I’m giving away a copy of The Discovery by Dan Walsh for three reasons – first of all, I received an extra copy in the mail last week (giveaway time!). Secondly, I’m thrilled to share one of my favorite books of the year. Third, the timing. Seventy years ago this summer, an extraordinary real-life drama unfolded on American shores…

In June of 1942, U-boats landed eight German saboteurs on US soil, at Long Island, New York and at Jacksonville, Florida. They were all captured within two weeks before any of their planned sabotage missions had been attempted, and six of the men were executed for espionage on August 8, 1942.

In The Discovery, Dan Walsh takes this fascinating sibebar of US history and crafts a compelling novel – more precisely a historical novel within a contemporary novel.

When his beloved grandfather dies, Michael Warner inherits his home in Charleston, the typewriter on which Gerard Warner wrote dozens of bestselling novels, and an unpublished manuscript. The unpublished novel is unlike anything else his grandfather wrote – a World War II story of a German saboteur who lands by U-boat in Florida and takes the name Ben Coleman to blend in. He’s not the spy he led the Nazis to believe he was, but a German-American desperate for a way home. Ben falls in love with Claire Richards – an impossible love. All deception has a way of unraveling, and Ben finds himself in a fight for his freedom and his life.

Michael is drawn in to the tale of spies and danger and romance, but certain aspects of the story prick his curiosity. As he works to solve the mystery, he learns more about himself and his dreams.

Thrilling, romantic, and intriguing, The Discovery is a suspenseful, beautifully written, and deeply satisfying story. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all Dan Walsh’s novels, but I’m convinced this is his best yet!

To enter the drawing for The Discovery, please leave a comment below and include your email address in the following format: sarah[at]sarahsundin[dot]com. US and Canada only please!

20 Responses to “Book Giveaway – The Discovery by Dan Walsh”

  1. Noelle the dreamer

    A well written story by a very good author: Dan Walsh is an excellent storyteller! I am proudly displaying it on my shelves Sarah! You are actually responsible for our discovering Dan Walsh!
    Thank you as always for your interesting posts and best of luck to all participants!

  2. Melissa Marsh

    Oooh! This sounds like a wonderful novel! Will have to add it to my Goodreads list.

  3. Vickie Sue

    I’d love to read it sounds so intersting, I was just looking through slides last night of my visit 20 years ago to Normandy!

  4. Pat Jeanne Davis

    I’ve read about this in doing research as I write in that time period. Hubby and I were discussing this incident and didn’t realize that six of the eight men were executed. Sounds like one very exciting story. Haven’t read Dan’s novels and would like a chance to win The Discovery. Thank you for the opportunity, Sarah.

  5. mpayne

    I have read this book and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a well-written look at WWII. I loved the way Mr. Walsh uses the story within a story concept. I am not wishing to “WIN” the free book, as I would rather see it go to someone who has not already read this book.

  6. Jenny

    Yes! Another WWII book for my TBR list! Thank you for the opportunity to win Dan’s new book. It sounds like an amazing story.

  7. Rachel

    I have read Dan’s book, ‘The Homecoming.’ I thoroughly enjoyed that WW2 novel (and recommend that one) and am definately looking to add more of his novels to by bookshelf. Thanks for the post Sarah!!

  8. Gabrielle Meyer

    Sarah – I’ve seen your name all over the place today! First I had an email from the Revell House Blog Tour coordinator, Donna Hausler, with your book up for the tour and then on my Facebook post today! Your book looks amazing. I’m a big fan of World War II and can’t wait to read it! I’m also excited to follow your blog. So nice to “meet” you!

  9. Nancee

    Dan Walsh has become a favorite author of mine. He writes with such insight and a sensitivity that I find refreshing and very effective in generating an intense story. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  10. MichelleH

    I read about this book a while back and immediately added it to my ‘to read’ list – I’d love a copy – that would bump it closer to the head of the line. 🙂


  11. Celeste Vaughan

    I live the “historical novel within a contemporary novel” concept. Sounds intriguing! Sign me up! My email is celestevaughan[at]charter[dot]net