Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Stop #11

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It is my honor to host the incredible Beth Vogt. Beth’s contemporary romances have won numerous awards, and she’s well loved in the Christian writing community for her generous spirit. Here’s a summary of Beth’s upcoming novel, Things I Never Told You (Tyndale House, May 2018): Payton Thatcher’s life — her hopes and dreams — died the night her twin sister was killed. Maybe revealing a decade-old secret will heal the rift between Payton and her family. Or will Payton discover that sometimes family isn’t worth fighting for?

The Push-Pull Between Sisters, by Beth Vogt

“A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.” Elizabeth Fishel (1950-), author

Sum up sister relationships in one word? Complicated.

There are sisters who send one another Hallmark cards on their birthdays – or for no reason at all – the rhyming words inside extolling about how they are each other’s truest, best friends. And then there are those sisters who push each other’s emotional buttons – and I’m not talking about sisters still in elementary or high school. These are adults who make their younger sisters cry or their older sisters fume. And they do it with an almost maniacal glee. There are sisters who text or talk to each other every day, go shopping, meet for coffee … and sisters who don’t speak at all.


It’s the odd dynamic of the pull-push between sisters.

Sometimes a sister functions as a mirror, reflecting who you are back to you. Her words and actions highlight the similarities between you. Think of those common family traits you share with your sister. Your hair color. The same eye color. Or it could be something that bonds you as sisters. A love of classic movies. The memories of family vacations. Playing board games together – although there’s a hidden danger of competition there. But for now, we’ll focus on how such experiences pulls you and your sister close.

At other times, that same sister’s words or actions reveal the differences between you – your distinctive likes and dislikes, your personalities, your dreams and goals. Your sister is outgoing while you’re introverted. Your sister gathers academic accolades and you don’t. You become the star on the tennis court and she abandons her racket in the corner. And sometimes because you’re different from your sister, you are somehow less than her … or vice versa. And this pushes you apart.

As a sister, I’ve experienced both the joy of the pull between sisters … and the heartache of the push between sisters. As a mom, I’ve watched my daughters navigate their relationships with one another, and do so with grace and laughter. Which is why I wrote these words at the beginning of my upcoming release that examines the dynamics between four sisters, Things I Never Told You:

“To my daughters, Katie Beth, Amy, and Christa; You define sisters beautifully. And for that, I am thankful.”

When it comes to sisters, there is no one-size-fits-all relationship. There needs to be room for both the pull and the push so that sisters can grow into individuals while maintaining their love and respect for one another.

Beth K. Vogt believes God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.” A Christy Award winner, as well as an ACFW Carol Award winner, Beth is the author of nine contemporary romance novels and novellas. Her first women’s fiction novel, Things I Never Told You, releases May 2018 from Tyndale House Publishers.


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