“Hail the Heav’n Born Prince of Peace”

The birth of Jesus was announced to lowly shepherds.

Think about it.

The King of kings and Lord of lords had arrived on earth, the Son of God, the promised Messiah come to save mankind from sin and death. And His birth was announced to the lowest class in Israeli society.

Perhaps the shepherds needed a Savior most. Perhaps they would receive Him more readily. Perhaps they’d be more likely to spread the news with joyful abandon. Perhaps God loves best the one’s society loves least.

Or perhaps the announcement came to the shepherds as a simple but revolutionary message—God’s gift of salvation is offered to everyone. Everyone. Dirty uneducated shepherds, splendid learned Magi, and all of us in-between. The gospel message is simple enough for a three-year-old to comprehend and accept—“Jesus loves me, this I know”—and complex and deep enough for the brightest scholar to be dazzled by new insights every day.

Hail the heav’n born Prince of peace! Hail the Sun of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings, Ris’n with healing in His wings;
Mild He lays His glory by, Born that man no more may die,
Born to raise the sons of earth, Born to give them second birth;
Hark! the herald angels sing, “Glory to the newborn King.”

4 Responses to ““Hail the Heav’n Born Prince of Peace””

  1. Jaime

    Even a 1 yr old! My daughter Chloe gets the BIGGEST smile on her little face when we sing Jesus Loves Me 🙂 Great post, Sarah!