Happy V-E Day Anniversary!

Sixty-seven years ago today, the Allies celebrated Victory in Europe. People went to church and prayed. Bells rang. Parades rejoiced through small towns and cities.

The cost of victory was high. Tens of millions were killed in battle. More tens of millions were murdered and starved in concentration camps. And more millions perished as civilian casualties of bombing. Many of Europe’s great cities lay in heaps of rubble. The infrastructure of factories, railways, bridges, and roads lay in tangled ruins.

But the cost of defeat would have been even higher. The fascist dictators had conquered most of Europe and ruled with totalitarian brutality. They trampled the freedoms of the occupied lands, freedoms we take for granted – to speak our mind, to worship as we please, to associate with the people of our choice, to keep the fruits of our labor, and even to listen to the radio. They ruled through fear, and it was legitimate fear. Entire villages were emptied and massacred. Dissenters were tortured and executed. Anyone who didn’t fit in the fascist regime due to ethnicity, religion, or mental or physical incapacity, was eliminated with horrid efficiency.

We reap the benefits of that victory today. Despite today’s economic woes and terrorist threats, we live in relative prosperity and peace – and we have freedom. We must never forget what a blessing freedom is – or how much it costs. Use it wisely. Use it well.

Thank you to all those veterans who set aside their individual rights to ensure freedom for the future. God bless you.

5 Responses to “Happy V-E Day Anniversary!”

  1. Noelle the dreamer

    Thank you for a great post Sarah! Yes, FREEDOM comes at an incredible cost and is all too often forgotten by many!
    The shadows of war seems to be hanging in the background much more in Europe than in the US though and generations following that period still reel from its effect to this date.
    May we never see such trials again!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  2. Rachel

    I agree with ‘Noelle the dreamer’ :^)
    This is a post definitely worth reading and pondering. A few years back, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to escort an elderly Jewish woman to and from church. We met her through soul winning. I thank God for the chance to talk with her and hear her story-she was a holocaust survivor! Her frail body and scarred past will forever be etched in my mind. I hope to one day write a book on the events in her life.

    No, the price for freedom is never free. A big thanks to our veterans for their heroic efforts and sacrifices!

  3. Sarah Sundin

    Noelle – I agree. The US was relatively unscathed compared to ravaged Europe and Asia. They still live with the effects of the war over there, especially in Germany.

    Rachel – what a wonderful experience to meet that dear woman. We can’t begin to imagine what they experienced.

  4. WendyBrz

    Sarah, how fitting that today,on this anniversary, my husband (who has served in the Army for 30 years) got to wind up our time in Germany by taking the dream trip of his life – 3 days in Normandy retracing history. Thanks for all you’ve done to honor those who serve!
    PS – still sniffing around in bookstores here but haven’t seen it yet! Only 3 weeks left…

  5. Sarah Sundin

    Wendy – enjoy your last few weeks in Deutschland! And how fun to explore Normandy. We only had one day, and it wasn’t nearly enough.