Historical Polio

For months, Helen had lain in the county polio ward. No matter how hard she’d concentrated, her legs wouldn’t do what she asked from them, demanded from them, pleaded from them.
In my novel Blue Skies Tomorrow, which takes place during World War II, Helen Carlisle deals with many repercussions of a childhood bout with polio. Thanks to vaccination, polio is quickly being forgotten, but it was a dread threat in the first half of the twentieth century.

Last week I had the honor of guest blogging about polio on Jordyn’s Medical Edge, a fabulous blog that helps fiction writers with medical questions for their stories.

On August 22, the article covered Polio the Disease – the cause, how epidemics spread, the symptoms of the various types of polio, and Post-Polio Syndrome.

August 24 focused on the Treatment of Polio – isolation, immobilization, the iron lung, Sister Kenny’s massage therapy, and rehabilitation.

The article on August 26 discussed the Polio Vaccines – the Salk Vaccine (IPV – inactivated polio vaccine), the Sabin Vaccine (OPV – oral polio vaccine), and the process of eradication worldwide.

I was touched by the many stories I heard from polio survivors or relatives of victims or survivors. We must never forget the dangers of this virus.

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  1. Michelle

    Hello Sarah! Thank you very much for reading my review. I really loved your inspiring novel, Blue Skies Tomorrow. God bless you.