Kids Count

“If Jesus lives in your heart, does that make Him a parasite?”

For the past week, I’ve fielded questions like that from my class of fourth-graders at Vacation Bible School. While VBS wears me out physically, it energizes me spiritually. When I started volunteering at VBS twelve years ago, I was a little concerned. What if they asked questions I couldn’t answer? What if I made a fool of myself? What if they were too cynical, too cool, too “all that” for Jesus?

Well, they ask me tough questions, but nothing I can’t answer with the Lord’s help. And the bigger a fool I make of myself, the more effective I am as a teacher. But the biggest surprise and the greatest joy is the kids themselves – far from being “too cool” for Jesus, they seek Him with all their hearts! Three kids this week told me, “I want to learn more about Jesus. Tell me how I can learn more about Him.” Wow. When the gospel message is placed in front of children, most of them gobble it up like a box full of sour gummy worms. They gobbled up the gummy worms too.

Of the thirty-five children in my class, eight of them made confirmed, first-time decisions to follow Christ. Children hear the gospel message with different ears than adults. They don’t think about what Christians are like (and how we fail), what churches are like (and how we fail) – but only what Jesus is like. And they want Him.

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these'” (Matt. 19:14, italics mine). Note that He didn’t say “drag” the children to Me, but “let them come.” As in, that’s where they want to go naturally. So let them come. Don’t stand in their way.

You can be a doorway to let children come to Jesus. Tell your children and grandchildren. Help in a Sunday school class or at VBS. Watch children’s faces light up when they hear the joyful news that God loves them, there’s forgiveness for their sins, and they can have eternal life in Him! You’ll be as blessed as the children.