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Today in World War II History

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US Coast Guardsman honors the fallen in the Pacific, Memorial Day, 30 May 1944 (US Coast Guard photo)

US Coast Guardsman honors the fallen in the Pacific, Memorial Day, 30 May 1944 (US Coast Guard photo)

On Memorial Day, we remember those who gave their lives in defense of our country.

We live in freedom because they fought tyranny.
We live without fear because they faced danger.
We live in comfort because they gave up all comforts.
We live because of their sacrifices.


Let’s never take these gifts for granted. They were purchased at high cost.

Over 1 million Americans have given their lives in war (Source: English, June A., Jones, Thomas D., Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States at War, New York NY: Scholastic Reference, 1998).

  • American Revolution: 4,435
  • War of 1812: 2,260
  • Mexican-American War: 13,283
  • Civil War: 498,332
  • Spanish-American War: 2,446
  • World War I: 116,708
  • World War II: 407,316
  • Korean War: 33.651
  • Vietnam War: 58,168
  • Gulf War: 293
  • War on Terrorism (Source: 4571 in Iraq, 2426 in Afghanistan
On this Memorial Day, take a moment to remember. And take a moment to thank God for freedom and life.

3 responses to “Remember”

  1. Lump in throat. My mother lost three younger brothers in WWII

    • Sarah Sundin says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that. It must have been so difficult.

    • Kathleen Clark says:

      So sorry to hear of such a heartbreaking loss for your family. In our community the fallen are honored each year as they hold a ceremony at the end of the parade route at the cemetery putting a rose in a basket for each one as they call their names. They also celebrate the youth of today with awards in the names of some of the families who lost dear ones- an Air Force pilot, Karl Richter, and the Living Brothers award to honor three brothers lost in one family. Such a sacrifice should always be honored and remembered. It was a lovely tribute today with an Air Force flyover and so many from the community coming together to honor these men and women. Thank you for sharing and blessings to all your family.

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