Community Organizations and Schools

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Rosie the Riveter and Friends: Lessons from the 1940s Woman

Presentation for women’s groups. The World War II era was a fascinating time for women. They took new jobs in the military or in factories, they volunteered on the Home Front, and they lived by the motto, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Using the posters of World War II, we’ll explore how women dealt with these great challenges, and we’ll be inspired by their commitment to work, community, and home.

Birth of a Novel

For public libraries, schools, or community organizations. The process of writing a novel and/or conducting historical research.

The Story Behind the Story

For libraries, schools, or other community groups. The author’s journey to publication.

Writing is Rewriting

Appropriate for public schools, private schools, or homeschool groups, upper elementary through high school—also works well on Skype. Students hate editing their work! This workshop details the many levels of edits professional writers go through, using actual marked-up pages, and describes what the author looks for at each level.

How to Get Started in Writing

Can be adapted for teens or adults.

Writing a Story

Appropriate for public schools, private schools, or homeschool groups, older elementary to adult. The class will be guided to sketch a basic story structure in a fun and interactive setting.