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Book Beat – Love’s Sweet Beginning

Cassie Haddon has reached adulthood without any useful skills. Raised to be a lady, she has plenty of refined, cultured skills – but nothing that can support her and her newly widowed mother, now impoverished. Arriving in Noble Springs, Missouri, Cassie takes a job in Jacob West’s restaurant, determined to be useful. Jacob’s kindness is… Read more »

Book Beat – When the Heart Heals by Ann Shorey

Rosemary Saxon served as a nurse in the Civil War and wanted nothing more to do with nursing, a profession seen as shameful for a proper lady. But as an unmarried woman, she has no other way to support herself. The new physician in town, Elijah Stewart, takes a chance and hires her, and attraction grows… Read more »

Book Beat – Where Wildflowers Bloom

Have you ever wanted to run away from your pain and find a new life? In Where Wildflowers Bloom by Ann Shorey, that’s exactly what Faith Lindberg wants. The Civil War has taken a high toll. Faith has lost her father and brother, and Royal Baxter, the man she gave her heart to, has failed… Read more »

Book Beat – The Dawn of a Dream

Betrayed, humiliated, and abandoned, Luellen O’Connell reaches for all she has left – a forgotten dream. In The Dawn of a Dream, Ann Shorey takes the familiar story of a young frontier woman who wants to become a teacher and gives it a twist. Several twists actually. As Luellen fights to earn her teaching certificate from… Read more »