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International Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my International Giveaway Day! I was stunned to see so many wonderful people from Portugal visit! There were 15 entries for Nas Asas do Amor, the Portuguese version of A Distant Melody, and 3 entries for Der Klang Deiner Gedanken, the German version. No one entered for the Dutch books,… Read more »

International Giveaway Day!

Welkom! Bem-vindo! Willkommen! I’m celebrating two international moments – receiving copies of my second book, A Distant Melody, in German (Der Klang Deiner Gedanken) and the release of my second book, A Memory Between Us, in Portuguese (Nas Asas da Memoria)! Do you speak Dutch, Portuguese, or German? Learning one of these languages? Know someone…a… Read more »