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Teach Us to Pray

Prayer is one of the great mysteries of the Christian life. We talk in our heads or out loud. God hears. And God moves. However, He doesn’t always move in the direction we want Him to go, or at the speed we’d like Him to move. In fact, we often find prayer moves us in… Read more »

Seeing Red

Yesterday morning an SUV ran the stop sign in front of the elementary school and flipped off the crossing-guard. I came home to dirty socks on the family room floor—socks I told the kids at least a dozen times to pick up. After reading the front page of the newspaper, I needed the funny pages…. Read more »

Tools for Shoving off Shame

“Have you asked God to forgive you?” May asked. “So many times I’ve lost count.” Ruth’s mouth puckered. “Then he’s already forgiven you. Now you can heal.” Ruth’s head shook from side to side. As a nurse, she knew of no procedure or medication or surgery to remove shame.  In my novel A Memory Between… Read more »