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Book Beat – The Return of Miss Blueberry

While we all believe people can change, sometimes it’s hard to believe real people can really change. In The Return of Miss Blueberry by Rachael Phillips, Callie Creighton quits her high-powered Chicago job to return to her hometown of Plymouth, Indiana. The last person she wants to see is Jason Kenton. In high school, Jason… Read more »

Book Beat – Cedar Creek Seasons

In real life, few people are drop-dead gorgeous. Real-life people have quirks and imperfections and lumps and wrinkles. And real-life people fall in love. I thoroughly enjoy romances that celebrate real-life people in all their glorious, humorous imperfections, and Cedar Creek Seasons is such a book – four delightful stories set in the four seasons… Read more »

Book Beat – A Quaker Christmas

Do you love Christmas but find the stress of the season overwhelming? I sure do. Christmas novella collections offer a sweet remedy – short, uplifting stories to refresh your love of the holiday but without demanding too much time. A Quaker Christmas offers four such stories, each following a nineteenth-century Quaker woman. In A Crossroad… Read more »

Book Beat – A Door County Christmas

A Christmas book? A novella collection? Sounds like a recipe for syrup – but guess again. Having lived in cynical California all my life, my tolerance for syrup is on the low side. I picked up A Door County Christmas because I admire two of the authors, Rachael Phillips and Cynthia Ruchti, and I was… Read more »