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A Tribute to Rosie the Riveter

US poster by J. Howard Miller, 1943

Rosie the Riveter has come to represent the women of World War II. We all love Rosie. She’s strong but cute. She has biceps, but she curls her hair and does her nails. And look at that chin—she won’t let anyone tell her what she can or can’t do. She is woman; hear her riveting… Read more »

Lessons from the 1940s Woman – Work Is Fulfilling

US poster by J. Howard Miller, WWII

World War II was a turning point for women. Before the war, few married women had jobs – in fact, most men considered a working wife a shameful sign that he couldn’t provide for his family. Unmarried women found few careers open to them, namely in nursing, teaching, and as secretaries. The war changed that…. Read more »