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Missing the Mark

Algebra. I loved it, but as a parent the word makes me shiver. Today I corrected my son’s algebra homework. Although he got every problem correct, I made him redo the entire page. Why? He didn’t show his work. In algebra, the process is as important as the answer. If turned in, that paper would… Read more »

Throwing Stones

Log on to the Internet and you see it. Turn on the TV and you hear it. Hang around human beings and you can’t miss it. Sin. Every day we’re assaulted by tawdry images, vile behavior, and egotistical attitudes. People flaunt their sin without shame. How should the Christian react? Appalled, we often speak out,… Read more »

In a Big Way

Zacchaeus might have been a small man, but he did everything in a big way. He Sinned Big Zacchaeus, though a Jew, worked for the occupying Roman government. A collaborator. A tax collector who took extra for himself. This was allowed by Roman law, but broke God’s law. As chief tax collector, he was successful… Read more »

Too Late?

Ever feel like a loser? Like your bad habits have you in a stranglehold? Like your past gets in the way of your future? Consider Samson. In Hebrews 11:32, he’s numbered among the heroes of faith. His life contained acts of God-given physical strength to protect the Israelites from the Philistines. But his life was… Read more »

Shoving off Shame – Rise Again

One step. Two steps. Brick walls towered over her. Decrepit staircases crowded about her. Shouldn’t the place be crimson with blood and black with shame? Ruth turned in circles, needing to take it all in. This was her past. Nothing could ever change that, but she would not let it consume her. The shame of… Read more »

Tools for Shoving off Shame

“Have you asked God to forgive you?” May asked. “So many times I’ve lost count.” Ruth’s mouth puckered. “Then he’s already forgiven you. Now you can heal.” Ruth’s head shook from side to side. As a nurse, she knew of no procedure or medication or surgery to remove shame.  In my novel A Memory Between… Read more »

Shoving off Shame – Restoration

Aunt Gloria glanced to the kitchen door. “Don’t worry. Maggie’s not too unhappy. She has your spirit. She’ll turn out just like you.” Ruth wiped her eyes. Successful at a price? Forgiven but damaged? She wished so much more for her baby sister. In my novel A Memory Between Us, the heroine, Lt. Ruth Doherty,… Read more »

Shoving off Shame – You’re Covered

High morals? Ruth set a brisk pace down the pathway. Ten-Penny Doherty? High morals? Ruth wanted to scream, and for a moment she thought she had, until she raised her head and saw a squadron of squat-nosed fighter planes – P-47 Thunderbolts, Jack called them. She stretched one hand high as if she could grab… Read more »

Shoving off Shame – Christ Redeems Us

Ruth opened the grand front door, and the sunshine made her eyes water. Ma had peace and joy because she loved the Lord and the Lord loved her. Ma was good, but Ruth was – “God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Ma’s favorite verse…. Read more »

New Blog Series – Shoving off Shame

Ruth dragged her feet up the steps of the monument and circled the marble rising in carved splendor to golden winged figures on top. She gazed up at Queen Victoria bright in the midday sun in all her marble purity. The queen looked down her pure white nose with disdain in her pure white eyes…. Read more »