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Keep Juggling – Using a Chart to Track Writing Goals

One of the biggest surprises of being published was the juggling act. Before publication, I’d get a story idea, research it, plot it, write it, and edit it. Then I’d start my next project. After my first contract, that all changed. I’m usually doing publicity for one book, working on my publisher’s edits for another, writing a… Read more »

Taming Time – Practical Tips to Increase Writing Productivity

Today I’m guest blogging over on Novel Journey on time management for writers: “Taming Time – Practical Tips to Increase Writing Productivity.” Herd up goals! Corral blocks of time! Lasso the internet! Harness time snippets! Yee-haw? Okay, so I shouldn’t write westerns. Anyway…here’s the link to the article: http://noveljourney.blogspot.com/2011/01/taming-time-by-guest-blogger-sarah.html

It’s All in Your Head

For a writer, interior monologue (the character’s thoughts) is a powerful tool to help your reader get into your character’s head, feel what they’re feeling, and understand them better. Today I’m guest blogging about interior monologue on Romance Writers on the Journey for their Wordsmithing on Wednesday feature – “It’s All in Your Head –… Read more »